\”Blood and Soil\” Is an Anti-Nazi Film with a Powerful Message for the Present Extreme Intolerances

Orlando, FL – The award-winning team of writer/director, Michael Aguiar, and actor/producer, Gabriel Lee, have come together with actor/producer, Cecilia  Quinan and Emmy award-winning editor, Cara Myers to present their new film, “Blood and Soil.” The film pays homage to World War II military veterans for their sacrifice to their country.

“We want to make the point that whether it’s supporting Jews, Muslims, or any other targeted group and minority, we will unite and stand up for peace, diversity and equality,” said Lee. “We’re a group of diverse filmmakers who came together for this passion project to help support unity and really honor all our vets who are fighting for peace still to this day.”

The concept for “Blood and Soil” came on the heels of the white supremacist march in Charlottesville, VA that turned violent and deadly.

“Blood and Soil” is the poignant story of World War II veteran Samuel “Stormy” Foster. He struggles with understanding the race wars and modern day white supremacist rallies taking place in streets across the U.S., decades after he fought the same war.

Foster is now a man bowed with age who still wakes from nightmares of the horrors seen during the war. Today, he’s fighting a different kind of battle – that of being placed in a nursing home by his well-meaning family members. He still keeps his uniform pressed and ready. The war is brought back to him with startling clarity when he suddenly discovers he’s the last remaining member of his unit.

When Foster hears the chant of “Blood and Soil” by white supremacist demonstrators passing by his home, it triggers a reaction that no one could predict, an unselfish act that leaves the old soldier spent and whispering a powerful and prophetic message.

“Blood and Soil” is a film rich in symbolism and honors the many veterans who selflessly fought in WWII that united countries around the globe to fight ideologies that sowed the seeds of hate. It’s also a timely and powerful reminder in an environment of divisiveness that “To ignore history is to ignore the wolf at the door.” – John le Carré, A Most Wanted Man.

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