A new feature-rich platform for text and essay writing, proofreading and SEO-friendly texts is called HiTexter.com

HiTexter’s main feature is to provide clients with a user-friendly tool to select a number of authors according to their experience, style, and professional skills. Their profiles include portfolio, a short description of their skills and tags that should assist the client with the choice of the authors.

The client can order multiple texts from different authors and in different languages by a simple click.

Professional content writing. HiTexter has gathered people with skills. It’s not just content writing.

This platform authors have a vast experience in IT, business, medicine, literature, sports, art, and science.

This ensures that any written article will interest the target audience.

Proofreading services quality is ensured by the HiTexter team members including journalists, writers, and PhD-holders in various areas. So the proofreading process will be professional and thorough. The site provides a convenient editor which will highlight the corrections and textual differences.

Some areas like medicine, construction, IT, online gaming and others use very peculiar terms and phrases.

HiTexter authors’ different areas of expertise guarantee that they will comprehend the details of any text and provide a client with the best options for it.

The platform includes the on-site keyword extraction tool, which will help you understand the structure of the text as it’s seen by a search engine. Smart site engine will help filter and suggest the best matching authors for your specific task.

For more information, visit: https://hitexter.com/

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