Top Ten Tips to Get the Right House Plan Developed by Online House Planners

A House Plan through online house planner platform is most important decision in building your dream home project. I am not saying that local house planners or architects in nearby cannot deliver a good plan. Surely they can, but thing is how creative they are, what cost they are charging and with drawings they are delivering. No doubt that online house planner has more orientation that local situated architect. The reason is very simple, online house planners’ serves people from different location with different mindset and requirement. This helps them to understand the taste, feeling and requirements of any sort of location very easily. Not only this online house planners are more cost effective that local architects and delivers complete set of drawings including Floor plans, 3D front elevation, Working drawings, Structure drawings, plumbing and electrical drawings. Because, a house is more than just its square footage and the breakdown of its rooms. You must consider your budget and the lifestyle of your family when deciding on the layout of your new home plan. Check out these tips to get you started on this exciting journey.

1. Budget Estimation: 

Get to know your budget. It means you should know your limit of construction cost like 40 lakh, 50 lakh etc. This allows you to bifurcate the costing to be made on construction and further material shopping. Rest an architect or house planner like us will guide you with the bill of quantity and costing involved at every stage. The House planner like Archplanest offers almost accurate BOQ for the developed house plans.

2. Freeze your Basic House Plan requirement:

You need to freeze the requirement within your family member as per available space for construction. It includes the type of house needed like duplex house, simplex house, triplex house, independent floor house, multistoried house plan etc. Also, you need to be clear with inner requirements like number of bedroom, toilets, parking, internal or external stairs, attach or common toilet, open or closed kitchen, water tank requirement etc. You need to consider family hierarchy, people with different age group, type of privacy needed, future improvement like growth of kid’s etc.Rest the house planner will guide you for the requirement clarification.

3. Search the best house planner for dream project:

You will find n number house planners or architects. Talk to them, discuss the basic requirements, cost of construction budget and chose the best one of them, hire him for the house design. Then discuss the complete requirement with your house planner, because your plan designing process completely depends on furnished data with them. If you can provide a plot sketch with proper direction then it helps in development of house plans. You should be transparent in communication with your house plans planner. Local architects will help you out in plan submission in authorities, whereas online house planners wont do this.

4. Discuss the complete requirement with the hired house planner.

Once you have hired any house planner or architect, just brief your requirements. Explain each and every details of your house plan requirements as freezed by you, provide the proper plot size or dimensions and directions. Explain your reservations with any specific thing like location of kitchen, house entry, pooja room, size of bedrooms etc.. Also confirm you need the plans as per vastu or not. If you have some predetermined thought for construction like using flyash bricks, concrete blocks then you need to confirm the same. House planner may ask you certain quire like your family hierarchy, your preferences, inclination towards vastu, plot orientation, water label, type of soil, sbc of soil, electrical connectivity, requirement of solar light provision, water storage, type of elevation needed. On the basis of your provided details house planners like us start designing process.

5. Discuss the house design features you want to have in the house.

This is apart from the house design requirements. House design requirements are like a duplex house of 3 Bedroom, 3 toilets, internal or external stairs, drawing dining area, balcony etc. But when we talk about house design features then it is more specific like Bedroom with attach toilet with dress, inclusive of wardrobes, L shaped of drawing dining area, open or closed living area, partition in kitchen, kids room, parent room, size of stairs, size of toilets, Balcony with every bedroom, parking poarch etc. All in all the features considers the complete interior of house plan which can make you comfortable in living.

6. Go for the revisions and modifications in plans to suit your needs.

Don’t know about other house planners, but provides revisions and options in floor plans and elevation as per your satisfaction. provides n number of revisions in floor plans. We try to incorporate all your inputs in the house plans. It means you can give any of comments or specific thoughts of placing any object at particular place in the house plans, we do and if not possible as architecture feasibility, we will explain you the reason and other options.

7. Get complete set of drawings from house planner. provides comprehensive package for developing complete set of drawings. Our detailed package includes

  1. Floor plans
  2. 3D elevation – Front
  3. Detailed working drawings- Detailed floor plans, section drawings, elevation drawings, door window schedule, and stairs detail drawings.
  4. Detailed Structure drawings- Column layouts, beam layout, tie beam drawings, slab and reinforcement drawings.
  5. Plumbing Drawings.
  6. Electrical Drawings.

8. Discuss the cost of construction and ways to it.

What after getting complete set of plans? You need to get the BOQ developed for costing bifurcation at each stage. This will help you to plan your construction in phases. You can also estimate the costing and budgeting for Interior Designs.

10. Trust yourself.

To get the best house plans for your dream home project you need to trust yourself. Then only you can trust the house planners to get it done perfectly.


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