Medilase Launches Innovative Laser Hair Removal Services With Proven Results

Medilase is a Beauty Clinic offering high quality and permanent hair removal. They pride themselves of an established, ever-growing client base that promote their services through raving positive reviews about the services provided by the clinic.

Medilase, through the N1 in technology offers professional experience with laser hair removal that help customers to completely solve body hair grow problems. The company’s passion is smooth and healthy skin to their clients. As a result of the quality service they offer, they already achieved over 300000 positive reviews from customers that had happy results. It definitely showcases the high-quality standards services that reflect into all these words to mouth reviews.

At Medilase, you can rest assured that the customer safety is always the principal concern, and first time visitors are invited to have a professional skin analysis with the innovative system PRO-U ANALYZER (PUA) which is a professional scientific laser response assessment. This will ensure the commitment of having a laser hair removal experience that is safe and complete to each individual. These professionals only work with customers after they have undergone professional skin and hair evaluation and that will require a personalized treatment to each individual. This ensures the whole experience is secure and pleasant and brings them lasting hair removal result.

To have the best experience in Hair removal, and have the best long-lasting hair removal result Medilase services include:

– The fantastic PRO-U-ANALYZER, 30 minutes and 4 scientific steps, promises safe and thorough hair removal;

– The Pre-Treatment Care comprehensively analyses skin conditions to provide optimal care;

– There is the Post-Treatment Care that completes the package and doubles the protection of the skin after hair removal. Also, quality DCIMS and CLINICAL DEPARTMENT are available and offer 24/7 support and of course a Professional Service Quality-Management System (SES) to strictly monitor service quality.

These parameters bring an environment where the star treatment is always present and the results are nothing else than long-lasting hair removal result to the customers. This is why the customers constantly get to know these professionals, recommended by someone else that is happy with the results achieved.

At Medilase, there is a team of specialists that will take care of the wellbeing and do what they do best; that is the laser hair removal in any part of your body. A 1 to 1 appointment is needed and the PRO-U ANALYZER assessment will be able to kickstart the entire process. This enables their customers to be able to understand how healthy and safe it is for each person to have their desired lasting hair removal result when working with the Team.

You can receive the N 1 Experience and the N 1 technology at Medilase with a perfect and personalized Optimal Hair-Removal Consultation and Plan adjusted to you. And it doesn’t end there, once working with them, you will also be awarded follow up treatment after the laser hair removal. Even better, the specialized therapists that work at the center will look after you all the time.

About Medilase

Medilase is a renowned clinic the provides laser hair removal services using a Modern and ultra-advanced technology. They make use of the PRO-U LASER TECHNOLOGY that enjoys certification and safety standards from the United States F.D.A and EU CE. It promotes high energy and effective direct access to hair follicles, completely removing black hair, without damaging the surrounding skin. This is possible using the built-in “smart cooling System” that fully protects the skin while giving a thorough effect and comfortable hair removal experience.

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