Los Angeles, CA – May 18, 2018 – Founded in 2017 by two sisters, CareGatto aims to revolutionize the greeting card industry, an industry that hasn’t seen much change in decades – by making cards that are personal and relatable that can be created online and mailed directly to the recipient. “We wanted to combine the act of gift-giving with greeting cards to create something thoughtful that generates the same excitement as receiving a gift, but is sent with the same ease and affordability of a greeting card,” said Arina Thomas, the founder of CareGatto. “The care and originality put into creating one of our photo greetings makes it a gift in itself”. 

CareGatto has been able to create a platform where you can make and send a real greeting card online with personal touch, excitement and warmth using real pictures uploaded from your phone or Instagram so the memories outlive the card. CareGatto photo greetings are like a memory holder with a personal message, sent online with ease and convenience.

According to economists, gift giving today often results in “deadweight loss”. This happens when the value of the gift to the recipient is less than the cost to the buyer. CareGatto’s mission is to change that.  “We noticed millennials weren’t as excited over greeting cards as the generation before them. Being millennials ourselves, we can relate. We just didn’t find greeting cards personal or exciting. We wanted to give them a face lift to make them personal and relatable. To make the un-sexy, sexy!”

CareGatto also offers a variety of handmade, locally sourced and fair-trade gift options which go perfectly with their unique greeting cards. They are an ardent believer in social consciousness, minimalism and preserving the ecosystem and that is incorporated in their gifting. Their cards are made from 100% recycled cardstock. They also plant a tree for every ten cards sold.  “Currently our focus is planting trees in our home state of California. Due to the destructive California Wildfires of 2017, our State is in desperate need for trees”. Send a CareGatto card and help plant a tree today!

CareGatto’s mission is to put smiles on the faces of loved ones by adding a personal touch to sending love and care. Their cards and gifts are the perfect heartfelt gesture to send for any occasion.

About CareGatto

CareGatto was founded in 2017 by sisters, Arina and Liana Thomas in Los Angeles, California. On a mission to protect and preserve the ecosystem and promote locally owned businesses, they have combined their artistic talent and business background to make gift giving easier, personal and quite a lot of fun!

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