With Several Big Crypto Events Round the Corner, Investors are Keenly Watching the Action

Shenzhen Shi, China – May 18, 2018 – The biggest crypto event is currently underway in New York. Consensus 2018 has set a record of sorts for ticket prices, and the lambos too have arrived just as expected. According to HK Financial, the China-based innovative professional financial services firm, the crypto-world, despite the recent crashes and negative news, can no longer be wished away.

Consensus is a 3-day conference, and comprises exhibitions, speakers and all things crypto and blockchain. Given that the event is taking post the historic returns set by Bitcoin a few months ago, it takes on great importance.

Other crypto events too are scheduled in the days and weeks to come, such as the Blockchain Week New York, and over a dozen other events. No one can ignore the blockchain technology, and with it comes the digital currencies. Whether start-ups, banks, investors, financial institutions or industry players, there is something for everyone in the crypto universe, and Consensus 2018 will highlight this ever more.

With even banks showing interest in adopting blockchain or supporting cryptocurrencies, there can’t be too much doubt as to whether digital coins will continue to survive, though issues such as the regulatory scene, exchange security, freedom of investors to participate in ICOs still remain contentious and vague.

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