BBQ Expert Reveals Healthy Alternatives as Jonesey’s Sauce Unveils Summer Season Spice Collection

Summer weather has finally arrived but getting out the grill doesn’t have to mean an expanding waistline, a BBQ expert and the mastermind behind a flavorful product range reveals.

Greg Jones, CEO of Jonesey’s Sauce, said, “Grilling is an important part of the summer season for American families, especially for many of the holidays that are approaching over the next few months. As the mercury rises more people will be indulging in a BBQ over the weekend, which can mean digging into delicious but unhealthy foods. But that doesn’t have to be the case. There are plenty of healthier alternatives that don’t compromise on flavor.

“A few simple swaps can make a BBQ event one that’s packed with goodness and intense flavors. Choosing lean, marinated meats and opting for fresh salads that are dressings over carb packed baked potatoes and pasta salads, for example, will instantly give a grilled feast a healthy twist.”

Jones also warns of the need to avoid foods that contain unnatural additives and unnecessary ingredients, which can have an impact on overall health. As awareness grows, it’s an issue that’s becoming increasingly important to American families. Jonesey’s Sauce is the brand that’s built a reputation for using quality ingredients without the usual additives. Its sauces and rubs are already being used on grills across the country to create tempting flavors from a classic, sweet BBQ sauce to a spice blend perfect for seafood lovers.

Jones added, “We’re proud of our commitment to use only natural ingredients of the highest quality across our whole product range, including the new spice collection that will be available just in time for the summer season when BBQs are being fired up. They promise to bring new flavors to tried and tested dishes without adding unnecessary calories or additives to meals – they’re the perfect addition to any family BBQ.”

Jonesey’s Sauce’s latest collection is available to purchase directly through the online store now and includes options for vegetables, pork, beef, poultry and seafood. For foodies that would love to give Jonesey’s Sauce a try, the sample packs are ideal for indulging in the premium range.

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Jonesey’s Sauce is a family run business that’s committed to using quality ingredients to create a delicious range of sauces, spice blends, and rubs. Formed in 2015, the brand embraces its American heritage to create flavorful products that can be used for every meal without any additives.

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