Dr. Brian Prax, Today announces the release of his new book offering Alternative Treatment Options for Neuropathy Sufferers

Through his new book “Reversing Neuropathy, Making the Impossible, Possible”, renowned Chiropractic Physician and Educator, Dr. Brian Prax, offers effective solutions for the treatment and reversal of neuropathy and balance issues.

Charlottesville, VA – May 18, 2018 – According to the NIH National Institute of Health, An estimated 20 million people in the United States have some form of peripheral neuropathy, a condition that develops as a result of damage to the peripheral nervous system — the vast communications network that transmits information between the central nervous system (the brain and spinal cord) and every other part of the body. (Neuropathy means nerve disease or damage.) Symptoms can range from numbness or tingling, to pricking sensations (paresthesia), or muscle weakness. (Neuropathy means nerve disease or damage.) Symptoms can range from numbness or tingling, to pricking sensations (paresthesia), or muscle weakness. Although a few medications have already been suggested by health experts in the treatment of this condition, most of them have been found to be damaging to the kidneys, decrease mental performance and lead to opioid addiction in some cases.

Local Chiropractic Physician Dr. Brian Prax has recently announced the launch of his new book where he shares his wealth of knowledge to give way for a healthy lifestyle. The book titled “Reversing Neuropathy: Making the Impossible, Possible” discusses alternative but effective solutions for the treatment and even reversal of neuropathy.  Dr.Prax has been successfully treating patients with neuropathy from coast to coast for more than 20 years.  “It was very important for me to share my clinical experience with patients and other healthcare professionals, so others may benefit”, said Dr. Prax Foreward remarks by Dr. Zach Bush, MD, “Dr. Prax outlines for us here a stepwise approach to supporting elements of the healing process for the nerves of the body, a plan to reverse your condition at the root of its source.” “ ..this book is a one-stop shop for some of the most effective lifestyle practices, technologies, and supplements to support and speed your recovery.”  You can receive A FREE COPY (plus s + h fees) by going to  https://drbrianprax.com/free-book or you can order it on Amazon.com for $19.97.

More information about Dr. Brian A. Prax and his new book can be found on his  website or by calling (434) 977-5433.

About Dr. Brian A. Prax

Dr. Brian A. Prax is an experienced chiropractic physician in functional neurology and functional medicine with over two decades in clinical practice.  He has been empowering his patients by sharing the necessary tools and knowledge for healthy living in ways chronic pain sufferers never thought possible.

NIH Resource: https://www.ninds.nih.gov/Disorders/Patient-Caregiver-Education/Fact-Sheets/Peripheral-Neuropathy-Fact-Sheet

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