Cost-Efficient Home Designs for Dream Home Construction

An architect or a home planner can do makeover of a simple plan in affordable house plan or in luxury house plan. Here we will discuss about affordable house plans and its cost effective ness in construction. The cost of constructing a home is affected by a number of factors – building materials and its availability, labor markets and design amenities, to name just a few.

Among the most influential aspects of a home’s price tag, is the “cost efficiency” of its design. Per Square foot costing, of course, affects the overall costing and as home planners or architects we are well aware. The cost efficiency of a home’s design can play a significant role, no matter the size. For example, the fewer the corners in a foundation wall, the less expensive it is to build. The same holds true for roofs. A simple front-to-back gable roof is less expensive to build than a complex multiple-pitch hip roof.

The list goes on and on throughout construction. As a creative home planner we develop any size and floor Cost-Efficient Home Designs which would cost less to build than many other homes of the same square footage, built with similar materials.

So if you are planning to get built your new building, or your ultimate dream house, you need to get a dependable house plan first by experienced home planners or architects. is a unit competent architects, 3D designers and engineers and can be your trusted source for affordable house plans at affordable costing. specializes in urban affordable house plans, house designs and contemporary interiors for independent bungalows, small plot houses, duplex homes, north facing homes, south facing homes, east facing homes, residential complexes and apartments. 

But the market is splashed with house plans sellers. And you probably want to save some amount of cash in the whole bargain. So should you go to get the most affordable of house plans?

Is Your Affordable House Plan Really Affordable?

You might be investing your life’s savings hard earned money in dream home project that should last long. It is something that you and everyone involved would want to be safe in terms of structural design, security and safety of inhabitants.

So having a perfect house plan from a trusted source will prove to be more affordable in the long run than a cheap house plan. Hope the idea is clear to you.

  1. Look for complete details in your house plan as per your requirement. For you would want to get your house built in style and on time.
  2. Get the proper measurement of available plot are with all dimensions and direction with angles or contour if any.
  3. Go for revisions and options to get the best concept plans developed for your dream home.
  4. Check all the measurements of conceptual plans as per your specific requirement for each and every aspect.
  5. Get all the detailed working and structural drawings of your house plan. Without this, it would be difficult to get the building erected and then there is the durability factor!
  6. In last you can figure out the details like interior designing, landscaping and green quotient.


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