How to trade BitCoin and other cryptocurrency for free, Launching Today on EXV.IO

UK – May 19, 2018 – the EXV.IO digital asset trading platform was formally launched on May 18, 2018, and open the trade. EXV.IO is a financial technology of block chain. The following crypto currency can be traded on EXV.IO:BTC, ETH, XRP, BCH, LTC, EOS. According to official sources on Friday.

The EXV.IO digital asset trading platform is the most important part of the EXV fintech ecological chain. The EXV fintech ecological chain covers :the virtual currency trading platform, the block chain Research Institute, the financial derivatives trading platform, the online payment and wallet, technology research and development, and the application of life scene.

We also have an independent media platform to teach the user how to trade BTC, ETH, XRP, BCH, LTC, EOS .Also can learned about the block chain,learning how to monetize in the blockchain

The EXV.IO digital asset trading platform (EXV.IO) is officially open the tarde for all customers form worldwide in May 18, 2018, and for free to every user for two month.Please pay attention to the information which is form EXV.IO of the official network

EXV.IO has a powerful and professional block chain team.

EXV.IO‘s CEO:David Zheng

CEO David Zheng, a continuous entrepreneur who served as the director of SINA financial products, and vice president of the EH house group, co-founded the earliest domestic card collection platform CashDesk. David Zheng has over 10 years of experience in product development and management. He is good at Internet product design and growth operation, and is a technical expert in the field of online payment. The famous GO language technology experts in the industry are researching and developing the block chain and have the industry’s top chain development capability. The members of the core team participated in the development process of millet finance, SINA finance and other high quality Internet and mutual gold platforms from zero to one. It has accumulated deep accumulation and precipitation for the design and practice of various financial products, the access of the platform and the operation of the users, and the interpretation of the rules and regulations of the industry. At the same time, the team has rich experience in Internet user operation and global operation experience. Maintain long-term communication and cooperation with Taiwan, Russia and the UK’s leading block chains, online games, payment and settlement teams. EXV.IO team, with their excellent technical strength, in-depth understanding of the industry, is committed to providing users with a more secure, convenient and efficient block chain digital asset exchange service, making the user’s virtual assets in a secure environment to achieve value transactions.

Under the favorable conditions of Hongkong Capital Group’s wholly-owned support, many famous investors have jointly invested and supported.

The token of ET has been already launched by EXV.IO digital asset trading platform. The token of ET is mainly included in the service fee (transaction, the financial derivatives trading), the follow-up platform will be profit repo bonus from user, and provide the platform ecological service.

The core transaction matching system is made by the top team of the industry. It is the exclusive technology with the core advantage of the EXV.IO in the market. It abandons the low efficiency of the traditional database matching and the mechanism of memory matching. it can be the most efficient and secure online transaction.

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