GNP Solution introduces innovative Non-Toxic Bore Cleaner with unique carbon removal capacity

GNP Solution is soon to launch an innovative bore cleaner solution in the market which is nontoxic, biodegradable, assures in-depth cleaning of all kinds of grease and dirt on hard-to-reach places, and also ensures solid protection of gun health.

Fair Oaks, CA – May 19, 2018 – Good news on the way for gun owners. Innovative gun cleaner manufacturer GNP Solution has announced to launch it’s FIRST NON-TOXIC and  biodegradable gun bore cleaner with unique formula for carbon removal. Titled as “Super Nano Detergent”, the latest firearm solvent cleans every nook and cranny of the bore without causing any harm to the gun.

The Nano Bore Cleaner is carefully designed to prevent any harm to aluminum, steel, nickel, chrome, gun bluing, polymers or plastic. The innovative product will be launched for sale on Amazon on May 15, 2018.

What separates Super Nano Detergent from most other gun cleaner solutions is its exclusive non-toxic formula. Other regular gun solvents are stuffed with noxious chemicals that not only pollute the environment but also damage the stainless steel in expensive firearms. But, the good news is the new product from GNP Solution is devoid of any ingredient that may cause poisonous fumes or harm your precious gun. It’s completely odorless and can be safely used indoors. Moreover, since the solution is biodegradable, it does not cause adverse effects to the environment.

“We are excited to bring to you our revolutionary nontoxic bore cleaner solution this month. We know gun owners are worried about the poisonous fumes emitted by the regular gun cleaners and our Super Nano Detergent is just the solution they have been looking for years. It’s devoid of any kind of abrasive solids as well as harmful ammonia and alcohol to ensure the safest possible bore cleaning- yet without compromising on the cleaning quality. In fact, you have an outstanding cleaner here which will clean your gun’s bore till the last detail yet without polluting the ambient environment or the planet”, stated a leading spokesperson from GNP Solution.

Super Nano Detergent is intelligently designed for a thorough and outstanding cleaning. It’s innovative formula penetrates & spreads along the entire metal surface of the bore and reaches to every corner of the unit to undercut all debris and clear away the left over residue. According to further statements of the spokesperson, the cleaner’s advanced formula allows in depth cleaning in shorter time compared to the regular gun cleaners in the market. 

“Our advanced cleaner assures comprehensive cleaning and is able to remove all kinds of unwanted elements from your gun. These include all the damaging elements like copper, lead, powder, charred gunpowder, plastic particles and oil deposits. Moreover, regular application of the solution will leave a strong protection layer on the gun body. It will ensure a superior corrosion shield and repel carbon, rust and dirt from your gun. In one line, it’s the one-stop solution to keep your firearm clean, healthy and anew for years.” 

The Super Nano Detergent can be used by professionals on a daily basis.

For more information on Super Nano Detergent or to place an order, please visit Amazon.

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