Hollywood Lace A Division of Swiss Lace Direct Is Making Studio Quality Toupees Available to The Public at Industry Wholesale Pricing.

Hollywoodlace.com, a division of Swiss Lace Direct, provides persons in need of hair replacement systems with unique and innovative solutions

Hollywoodlace.com online store has grown to become a household name in the cosmetics industry, with its wide range of hair systems that have distinguished from other suppliers in the market. Hollywood Lace remains the online lace material that is approved to be used by television and movie studios, living up to its name. Additionally, they use proprietary workmanship and methods to make each and every Toupee & Hair Replacement System.

Hair systems in the form of men’s toupees are needed for several reasons. While some individuals use it as a solution to their hair loss problems, others such as celebrities and the entertainment industry use men’s hair pieces to change their looks. Regardless of the need, hair systems have become increasingly popular in recent times due to their features and benefits. Unfortunately, most of the hair systems available on the market are of inferior quality, consequently failing to provide users with their desired look and comfort. Many of such cheaper imitation materials by Chinese companies are also not durable, making Hollywood Lace a somewhat lifesaver to persons in need of the best possible hair systems money can buy.

Hollywood Lace offers what has been described as “the most undetectable hair system toupees in the industry,” using a proprietary method to bleach the knots used. The hair systems supplier also single strand ventilates each hair one at a time in the front section to provide a 100% Undetectable Natural Hairline.

HollywoodLace.com has consequently become the toast of Hair System Wearers and Toupee Salons across the globe seeking premium quality Hair Systems for themselves and their clients. The wide range of solutions offered by the hair systems supplier include their own unique Toupee designs using their own Hollywood Lace, French Lace, Light Monofilament. Some of their customers really like what they are wearing so Hollywood Lace Can Duplicate the clients Hair System or Toupee exactly for them.  Whether a client needs a Stock Toupee ready to wear today or a Custom Toupee Hollywood Lace can help.

Hollywood Lace services clients all over the spectrum. To quote a Newscaster & Hollywood Lace client, “Hollywood Lace has been invaluable to my career on TV. I know each and every day I go on TV I look great. Thank you, Hollywood Lace, for serving my Hair needs for over 10 years. Hollywood Lace is proud to serve Hair Toupees to both professionals and normal Hair System wearers across the world. To quote Will Richter the CEO/President of Swiss Lace Direct, “The key to our success in this industry was making the best quality Hair Systems, Toupees available to not only those in the trade, but to everyone. Make Toupees the highest quality at reasonable prices. You can never ever have too many Toupee on hand. So, I tell all our clients to always stock up on Hair Systems as their budget allows. “

More information about Hollywood Lace and the different hair systems offered can be found on the website.

About Hollywood Lace

Hollywood Lace is a division of Swiss Lace Direct, founded by a group of hair system wearers who wanted to fill the gap that existed in the market due to the lack of customer service and inconsistent quality of hair systems.

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