Introducing Whiskey Coin, the World’s First U.S. Based Cryptocurrency Backed by Fine & Rare Whiskey

Las Vegas, NV – Whiskey Coin is pleased to announce the launch of the world’s first U.S.A. based, fully compliant, asset-backed cryptocurrency, with fine and rare whiskey as the backing. Built on the Ethereum smart contract blockchain technology, also known as ERC20, this is an investment that offers total security, predictability and transparency.

The brainchild of Michael Smith, Whiskey Coin Development was created in January 2018.

“The idea of a Whiskey-based economy came to me while I was reading an article in Whiskey Advocate Magazine,” says Smith. “Whiskey and Blockchain – it just seemed obvious. I put a team together, and from there we set out a roadmap and built on the idea. At this point, we’re well organized and know exactly where we’re headed. I’m proud of our accomplishments and fully confident in our future success.”

According to Smith, Whiskey is a great investment, simply because it’s an economic commodity that’s been around for hundreds of years. It’s a commodity that continually demonstrates steady long-term growth, and is currently even outperforming gold.  The Whiskey Coin team carefully chooses bottles and casks from distillers that have shown constant growth in the past and are forecast to continue to rise in value in the future.

“It’s important that investors understand that we are totally committed to full regulatory compliance and transparency,” adds Smith. “93.13% of all funds invested goes to whiskey inventory, storage, insurance, distribution, and the establishment of our Whiskey Library, which is supported by the blockchain.”

Whiskey Coin wants to reward early investors. With this in mind, the funding will be split into 3 phases with various levels of bonuses and benefits. To find out more about the perks and rewards, visit the company’s website.

Other advantages include:

  • Cross compatibility: WSKY coins will be bought, sold and administered on, and easily accessed by practically all devices
  • A sure investment: Backed by an asset that has proven growth, Whiskey Coin is poised to be a leader in the “stable coin” ecosystem
  • The Whiskey Coin Library: An exclusive blockchain-based establishment open only to Whiskey Coin holders

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About the Company

Founded by Michael Smith in January 2018, Whiskey Coin is the United States first, legally compliant, digital-currency that is backed by fine and rare Whiskey. Interested parties are invited to join the company’s Telegram Group, a public group created for both accredited and non-accredited investors to gain insight into Whiskey Coin.

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