Young author narrates the adventure of a crocodile and his lost toy in new book

Talented young author, Andrew McCaney, releases a children’s book titled, “Johnny Joo’s Adventure,” where he tells the story of a crocodile and his lost toy.

Johnny Joo’s Adventure is a children’s book written by four-year-old Andrew McCaney. The book was written by Andrew when he was just three. The book is about a crocodile, named Johnny Joo, and his adventure as he tries to find his lost toy, a kite.

Children have often been treated to fun and exciting stories usually written by adults. While these stories help teach kids and other such readers real-life lessons in a fun and subtle ways, most of the children books written by adults do not really portray what children want. This is where Andrew’s Johnny Joo’s Adventure is particularly unique.

The book is particularly great for preschoolers and even older kids, teaching them the essence of friendship, as Johnny Joo teams up with a nice monster elephant he met as he goes in search of his kite. Johnny had a nice time with his new friend, as he helps him fly his kite.

Johnny Joo and the elephant enjoyed the company of each other, as the elephant threw Johnny so high in the sky he landed on the moon. Johnny saw a rocketship, got in it, wore the helmet and brought the rocketship home, where he eventually found his kite laying in his backyard. It was a wonderful experience looking for Johnny’s kite.

The 26-pager contains vibrant illustrations to make it more fun and captivating to young readers. The book has already started to receive accolades from parents across the globe. “My grandson absolutely loved this exciting book! Great entertaining storyline, amazing and colorful illustration. We were also shocked to know this was written by a 4-year-old… We are now huge supporters of this young author Andrew!” says Jose.

Johnny Joo’s Adventure is dedicated to Andrew’s younger brother, Gabriel, and the book is currently available on Amazon for readers worldwide.

About Andrew McCaney

Andrew McCaney is a young, talented, and energetic boy born in Florence in 2014. Currently living with his parents and brother, Andrew is creative and has a passion for music. His creativity and ingenuity are evidenced in his book, Johnny Joo’s Adventure, which he wrote at the age of 3.

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