Crypzilla\’s mining rigs are the first to come with buyback programs, and feature optional on-site hosting and master node mining

Crypzilla is providing an exciting opportunity for the crypto enthusiasts worldwide to mine Waltonchain Coin (WTC) and other non-ASIC altcoins easily. The company’s Mastar Rigs are built to mine directly to master and guardian master nodes providing more advantages to the miners as compared to mining with the main-net. The purchased rigs can be shipped to the customer or hosted at Crypzilla’s Southern California mining farm.

The price of master nodes can range from anywhere between $50,000 to $1,000,000 per node and Crypzilla’s service allows Mastar Rig customers an easy and affordable access to these nodes. For every block that is mined by a customer’s Mastar Rig, they will receive extra rewards simply for mining to the master nodes.

Each Mastar Rig comes with special hardware and software configurations, with the current Mastars optimized especially for Waltonchain Coin, a revolutionary new platform to manage inventory and supply chains, backed by huge companies like AliBaba and T-Mall. Crypzilla is currently offering six varieties of the Mastars, the topmost being the Godzilla, which can mine on an average 8-9 WTC in one day. On the lower end of the spectrum is the Baby Godzilla, which can mine 1-2 WTC in a day. All the details about the Mastars and their variants can be seen here.

Customers have the option to have a purchased rig shipped directly to their place or they can choose to host it at Crypzilla’s mining farm in Southern California for a small fee per week. This fee includes all power costs, maintenance, security and the 24/7 mining/troubleshooting of all rigs. If hosted, customers can simply collect their coins through weekly payouts directly to their wallet, while retaining the option to have their rig shipped to their home at any time.

Finally, Crypzilla has introduced the first rig buyback program which guarantees the buyback of any Crypzilla rig within 12 months of purchase. This is to help customers liquidate their assets quickly in uncertain crypto markets.

Customers can use the Customar Rigs to mine any altcoin besides those that are now at ASIC stage such as Bitcoin. Just like Mastar Rigs, users will have the option to have a rig shipped or hosted out of Southern California. The topmost Customar Rig is called the ‘Gypsy’, and can mine altcoins at a rate of 6400+ hashes/second, while their more modest variant ‘Slattern’ has an equihash hashrate of 800+ hashes/second.

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