Exploring Again and “Mad” Mike Hughes taking Over The Poles 2018 Flight

“Mad” Mike Hughes and Exploring Again.com will present their plans to fly over both the North and South Poles at a press conference taking place on May 22,2018.

Where: Federal Courthouse, 333 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89101

When: 11a.m.

This will feature representatives of ExploringAgain.com and daredevil “Mad” Mike Hughes.

There will be plenty time for questions and answers about the Over The Poles 2018 flight as well as Mike Hughes’ planned “rockoon” launch to the edge of space.

“THE GREAT EXPLORATION REVIVAL… .” www.ExploringAgain.com

Exploring Again.com is a fast growing shared community that has proposed a great exploration revival around Antarctica and the Arctic including a non-profit boat to survey unexplored polar regions.

With ticket in hand, Michael Marshalek is preparing for a trip over the North and South Poles.

Our goal now is to bring MORE witnesses from the Flat Earth research community along, such as “Mad” Mike Hughes. This trip is intended to demonstrate that ExploringAgain.com is taking the lead in moving the “Flat Earth” debate out of the realm of theory and conjecture, and into the realm of action.


Scientific Experiments will supposedly pick up flight deviation if the plane does anything but to head South! 

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