Yumerium utilize blockchain technology to its maximum

There are numerous developments attempting to utilize blockchain technology in the gaming sector. One of those projects, Yumerium, is in the midst of creating an ‘earn-to-play’ model that will leverage blockchain technology to better the experience for gamers.

With Yumerium, gamers are allowed to earn Yumeriums (YUM) tokens by participating in games of their choice, as long as it is supported by Yumerium. These tokens can at the same time be used to buy game for whatever kind of game the gamers want to play or buy. The idea is to create a more engaging gamer network by adding more fun to the platform by using tradable tokens.

Moreover, a critical look at the solution Yumerium is bringing to the table shines light on problems within the gaming industry that have not earned much concentration and attention yet. Yumerium has a track record of leading the evolution of gaming business model in the following ways:

1. Pay to play

2. Free to play

3. Earn to play (the most recent)

Emphasis is now on the earn-to-play model targeted at providing solutions to some of the problems that the existing system suffer such as high transaction fees, delayed payments, global transfer fees, lack of multi-party payment options, fraud, lack of data transparency and lack of micro-transaction support.

All of the aforementioned are limited by the traditional centralized payment systems. However since Yumerium owns their own ecosystem, and is able to support its own payments, it affords them far more flexibility at far lower costs.

The existing system within the gaming industry has some faults and challenges that many believe cryptocurrencies could resolve. One evident problem is that there is no other way for gamers to realize the actual value of the items on the gaming network outside game item trading. This is not meant to be even as gamers play a significant role in the gaming community with their participation in creating content for YouTube or Twitch. In fact, they share their love for game on social network and if they wish, they leave reviews behind for other gamers.

In addition, game developers can use something as prospective as YUM to attract and engage with users via marketing tools like a referral bonus or airdrop.

Yumerium will attempt to provide proper value and by eliminating existing limitations by providing proper value in exchange for a more practical payment ecosystem for gamers.

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