APA Game Upgrades Their Catalogue of Fishing Games with Introduction of Monster Strike 2 Evolution and Flower Fairy

Asia Pacific Amusement Consultants Co., Ltd announces its amazing fishing games rumored to keep gamers addicted to the screen. APA Game promises a fun filled adventure with the Monster Strike 2 EVOLUTION and Flower Fairy Shoot Fish Arcade Game which is sure to entertain gamers worldwide.

Games are generally for entertainment and mental or physical stimulation, and often all. Games are sometimes played purely for entertainment, due to boredom and sometimes for achievement or reward as well. Many games developed by APA Game help users get practical skills; it also serves as a form of exercise, or otherwise performs an educational, simulational, or psychological role. Monster Strike 2 EVOLUTION has many new game features in line with the entertainment and exercise objectives of APA Game. Some of its features include a Crabs Party( free shooting for all players), Jackpots( 3 treasure boxes in the center of the graphic), Bosses Multiplies( Tiger Man, Leopard Man and Dragon King), Depth Bomb( can kill all fishes) and so on. Key components of games are goals, rules, challenge, and interaction, and Monster Strike 2 EVOLUTION offers them all.

APA Game Upgrades Their Catalogue of Fishing Games with Introduction of Monster Strike 2 Evolution and Flower Fairy

 This new fishing game machine with high hold is exciting and offers gamers a chance to experience fish hunting from a different direction. As you take charge of the sea and maneuvering your way through obstacles by the help of different features introduced to make the game fun you should also be wary not to be lost in the game. The least time spent by a gamer on this game was 3hours to show how addictive and interesting it is.

Another high hold fishing game that APA has released to intrigue their ever loyal fans is the Flower Fairy Shoot Fish Arcade. This one is pretty loaded with fun for kids and adults too. If you love fairies you would fall in love with this game. The flower fairy in this game gives it a beautiful design and a great user interface. This new fishing game has a Hold max to 50% and is also a real money maker for game rooms. It’s no doubt that with this game, APA strengthens their stronghold on the fishing game scene in China and around the world.  

About APA Game

Asia Pacific Amusement Consultants Co., Ltd was found in 2011, located in Panyu-the largest game machine industrial area. APA Game is specialized in international trade of game machine; They import game machine from Japan and export all kind of game machines from China to overseas.

APA Game also sell all kinds of game machine, such as coin-operated game, racing, shooting, recreation, redemption, coin pusher, crane, prize, simulator, basketball machines and kiddie ride for game center from China, or used Japanese games from Japan.

As a reliable game provider they also work with reliable manufacturers and source products at targeted prices. Their services includes assiting in consolidating the full container from different factories and supervise the container loading at requested destination for a minimal fee. Service is our priority and all messages will be attended to within 24 working hours.

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