With $100,000 up for Grasp, WealthBankers Foundation Announces Entry Submission Deadlines for the 12 Countries Whose Prodigies Will Be Participating in this Year\’s WealthBankers Prodigy Hunt

“WealthBankers Prodigy Hunt\’s Ghana Edition Image – Join prodigies from 12 counties as they compete to inspire others and win.”
WealthBankers Foundation plans to support creative, innovative, impactful young entrepreneurs and change makers with prize packages totaling $100,000 in worth. The individuals to be awarded will be chosen through a contest in which the general public will vote on YouTube, to decide who is to receive the support being awarded; based on the Prodigies’ works presented. The contest will first run on the country level and each country must provide at least 1000 prodigy entry submissions to qualify.

Africa is a continent filled with many talented and creative-minded people. These people are the foundation on which tomorrow’s Africa would be built. Despite this apparent importance, a lot of these prodigies never see the light of day. With this in mind, WealthBankers Foundation has set its sight on unearthing these prodigies and bringing them into the light.

They plan to do this through through a competition show dubbed WealthBankers Prodigy Hunt. The prize breakdown for the expected 1200 winners from 12 countries can be found on the WB Prodigy Hunt Page. The total sum of prizes is $100,000.

These partnering sponsors of the foundation made the hunt possible: CyprusUni.com, WealthBankers Job Arena, People & Business Media, MadeItOnline.com, SlushFind, SCREENS.

Below is a WhatsApp ad text for it, the text is part of WealthBankers Foundation publicity tactics for the event.

We have $100,000 to giveaway.

Are you 30 years old or below, and do you have a business or a project that is positively impacting your community, country or the world as a whole?

Then this is for you.

WealthBankers Foundation – a nonprofit NGO wants to award at least 1200 winners of the WealthBankers Prodigy Hunt from 12 African nations with prizes totaling to $100,000, to help support their good work.

Participating Countries:

Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa, Rwanda, Zambia, Malawi, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Mauritius, Namibia, and Uganda.

In order for your country to qualify for the Prodigy Hunt, we must receive at least 1000 registrations from the millions of citizens living in your country.

If your country does not submit 1000 entries for the hunt, your country will be disqualified. Share this around to help your country qualify for the WB Prodigy Hunt.


In the country level editions, there are 3 rounds.

Out of the 1000 minimum submissions from each country, the best 100 will be chosen to enter the Round 1.

*In Round 1*, the public votes by LIKES… We will publish 100 individual videos of each country’s prodigies on YouTube. The *top 50 prodigy videos* with the highest Likes will move on to Round 2. See more details here – https://wealthbankers.com/news/prodigy-hunt-round-1-voting-likes/

*In Round 2*, the public votes by COMMENTS… We will publish 50 individual videos of each country’s prodigies on YouTube. The *top 10 prodigy videos* with the highest comment tag (I VOTE WBPH) will move on to Round 3. 

See more details here – https://wealthbankers.com/news/prodigy-hunt-round-2-voting-comments/

*In Round 3*, the WealthBankers Prodigy Team will judge the remaining *10 prodigies from each country* to find the top 3 winners. The judging process videos will be publicized. 

See more details here – https://wealthbankers.com/news/round-3-judged-by-prodigy-hunt-team/

The top 3 winners from each country will be awarded $1000, $500 & $300 plus other prizes.

The top 100 and all who submitted entries will be award prizes too. See the prizes here – https://wealthbankers.com/foundation/prodigy-hunt/


The first positions that won the $1000 in the 12 country level hunts will meet offline for the Grand Finale. These 12 prodigy finalists will compete for the *$10,000; $7,000 & $5,000* grand prizes.

Now you know what the WB Prodigy Hunt is, apply today. Also share this now to help it reach more people in your country so that your nation can qualify for the WB Prodigy Hunt.

This is NOT a scam. The WealthBankers Prodigy Hunt is real. Search on google to see what other sites are saying.

Like this USA news site – http://finance.dailyherald.com/dailyherald/news/read/36313037/

BUT WHO IS A PRODIGY – Read summary or watch the video(s) on the WB Prodigy Hunt Entry Submission page to understand.

If you consider yourself a prodigy or you know someone who is, keeping this information to yourself does not help. You or someone you know, may just end up being the beneficiary of the prodigy hunt. They are not the only ones who will benefit, the society also benefits greatly.

Country: GHANA
Submission Deadline: 14th June 2018

Country: NIGERIA
Submission Deadline: 31st July 2018

Country: KENYA
Submission Deadline: 24th September 2018

Submission Deadline: 7th January 2019

Country: RWANDA
Submission Deadline: 7th January 2019

Country: ZAMBIA
Submission Deadline: 7th January 2019

Country: MALAWI
Submission Deadline: 4th March 2019

Submission Deadline: 4th March 2019

Submission Deadline: 4th March 2019

Submission Deadline: 29th April 2019

Country: NAMIBIA
Submission Deadline: 29th April 2019

Country: UGANDA
Submission Deadline: 29th April 2019

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WealthBankers Foundation is a non-profit, charity organization (NGO) that combats unemployment; and encourages entrepreneurship and development in order to alleviate the living conditions of people all over the world, but with a special interest in Africa. WealthBankers Foundation is the philanthropic arm of WealthBankers. The foundation focuses on programs and campaigns that encourages entrepreneurship, leadership and innovation. Hence, providing support to Africans who are impacting their communities despite the inadequate support.

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