Insights: The 2018 NYC Blockchain Center Tech & Invest Summit Organized by Blockchain Center and IBeeHub

Blockchain Center and IBeehub host the 2018 NYC Blockchain Center Tech & Invest Summit on May 18, 2018, at the Hudson Club New York, in partnership with Coindesk and NYCEDC during the NYC Blockchain Week 2018.

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The 2018 NYC Blockchain Center Tech & Invest Summit

Blockchain Center and IBeehub host the 2018 NYC Blockchain Center Tech & Invest Summit on May 18, 2018, at the Hudson Club New York, in partnership with Coindesk and NYCEDC during the NYC Blockchain Week 2018. Aimed at bridging the blockchain communities from China and the United States, the 2018 NYC Blockchain Tech & Invest Summit gathered 30+ speakers and more than 200 attendees with a focus on blockchain investment topics.

The summit was, basically, filled with keynotes speakers from both the United States and China. Besides, expert discussion breakout sessions and interactive exhibitions were added to enable further learning about the blockchain technology and broader discovery on innovative ideas using the technology across various industries. 

Keynote Speakers: Insights from the Summit

The welcoming remarks were made by Bill Wang, the Chairman of Blockchain Center. He described blockchain as “a transformative technology” dotting the fast-changing landscape of digital financial inclusion, and therefore is expected to bring in changes in a broader scale, including trade, business, finance, etc.

(Photo: Bill Wang, Chairman, Blockchain Center)

The famous blockchain investor, Jiangtao Sun, also attended the summit with opening remarks and keynote session. He has focused on the practice of blockchain technology since 2014, investing in public chain, forked chain, digital currency exchange, stable digital currency, so on and so forth.

(Photo:Jiangtao Sun, famous blockchain investor, giving opening remark)

Ray Valdes, the CTO(C=”transformation”) of ConsenSys, a blockchain-focus venture creation studio with 700 employees in 27 countries, started his speech with a greeting in Mandarin. He shared his viewpoints of blockchain in China, from the interlaced perspectives of a professional investor and a software developer.

(Photo: Ray Valdes, CTO, ConsenSys)

Emi Yoshikava, the director of Joint Venture, Ripple and the top-50 “Women in Fintech” influencer, gave an impressive keynote speech about internet of value and “women in blockchain”. She featured the gender inequality in blockchain industry by showing the statistics that only 5-7% crypto users were women, according to Forbes, and highlighted the determination to change the situation.

(Photo: Emi Yoshikava, the director of Joint Venture, Ripple)

Yongqiang Ding, Founder & CEO of Bitmore, shared his entrepreneurial perspective about blockchain technology being leveraged in digital asset management. He focused on wealth management and proposed a new resolution with the Bitmore app., which allows users to operate multiple tokens through a single interface.

(Photo: Ding Yongqiang, founder & CEO of Bitmore)

Besides, Kevin Shtofman, National Blockchain Lead from Deloitte LLP; Alex Mashinsky, founder & CEO of; Jimmy Zhong, CEO of IOST and Dr. Hermann Liu, the managing partner of Andra Capital, attended the keynote session as well to share their unique insights on blockchain industry.

Panel Discussion: Viewpoint Collided

(Photo: James Dix, Richard Chen, Andrew Zhang and John E. Rollins)

–  Richard Chen, Blockchain Project Lead, T-Mobile

–  Andrew Zhang, Watson Cloud Architect & Evangelist, IBM

–  James Dix, Advisor, CryptoOracle

–  Moderated by John E. Rollins, Director, Dispute Consulting Stout Risius Ross, LLC

This panel discussion leveraged real cases to dive into the disputes of the blockchain, focusing on smart contracts and innovating enterprises. They tried to figure out a middle point of hypothesis and reality where the possible resolution lies.

(Photo: Heidi Yu, Mihriban Ersin Tekmen, Peili Wang, Pialy Aditya and Harumi Urata)

–  Pelli Wang, Head of Partnership, ConsenSys, Token Foundry

–  Heidi Yu, Founder & CEO, Boosto

–  Mihriban Ersin, COO, Colendi

–  Pialy Aditya, Advisor, Republic Crypto

–  Moderated by Harumi Urata-Thompson ​ Founder, HUT Consulting

This is an attracting panel discussion featured by five outstanding women leaders in blockchain industry. They impressed the audiences with the humorous and witty conversation focusing on real-life experiences and career footprints combing with blockchain industry.

(Photo: Ariana Fowler, Andrea Tinianow, Jimmy Zhang, Rak Chugh)

–  Dr. Michael Zargham, Chairman & Founder, Blockscience

–  Ariana Fowler, Impact Analyst, ConsenSys 

–  Jimmy Zhang, Co-founder, Event Strategy Consulting

–  Rak Chugh, CEO, Byte Academy & EdChain

–  Moderated by Andrea, Tinianow, EVP, CIO for Global Kompass Strategies

The panel discussion was attended by experts in the field of strategies, decentralized networking, consulting and FinTech. It concentrated on the social impacts brought by blockchain industry, namely, how blockchain impacts the society in different ways.

(Photo: Ben Upward, David Drake, Chen Zhao, Ayesha Kiana, Che Guan)

–  David Drake, Chairman & Founder, LDJ Capital 

–  Ben Upward, Founder & Managing Principal, Synchronicity Investments

–  Ayesha Kiana, Managing Director, Republic Crypto

–  Chen Zhao, Managing Director & CEO,

–  Moderated by Che Guan, VP of Quantitative Strategies, Noble Capital International

This panel discussion included the specialists majoring in the field of investments, focusing on the specific topics regarding blockchain, ICO and investment.

Keynote Miniseries: Building Innovative Blockchain Projects

The 2018 NYC Blockchain Center Tech & Invest Summit also provided a 10-minute mini keynote session for companies that are dedicated to building innovative blockchain projects. These presenters are Sunil G. Singh from ServerCube, Priyanka Desai from Open Law, Sean Liu from Versara Trade, Christian Reeves from Master Dax, Lestat Meng Fandi from kCash, Amir Farhand from Soar, Eric Stetson from Mannabase, Mitch Sapoff from Mentat, Liang Long from Carlife, Asnee Fernando from Shoptaki, and Jun Zhang from Antique World.

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