MCA Solutions Becomes a Direct Lender for Merchant Cash Advances

Boca Raton, FL— With the rise of independent small businesses comes rapid changes to the world of business finance and loans. Twenty years ago, taking out a loan for a small company or for a business expansion was a tedious process, but it was possible.  If you’re a business owner with any credit problems getting a business loan from a traditional lender will be impossible or near impossible.  MCA Solutions specializes in getting high risk merchants the capital they need for business growth. 

But in more recent years, companies like MCA Solutions have studied the trends of successful companies, observing exactly how best to encourage, rather than stifle their growth.  Instead of traditional banking, businesses can factor their accounts receivable and get a Merchant Cash Advance

With flexibility being a major priority with their loans MCA Solutions works with the merchants to come up with a daily or weekly payment. They understand that in order to grow effectively new or expanding companies need time to ride out the highs and lows of cash flow, without serious financial repercussions. That is why MCA Solutions structures their payments specifically based on the cash flow of the company, which is a definite change from normal practices.

The cost of growth in a new or expanding company comes at the price of stocking new, high quality inventory, hiring and training staff members to ensure excellence at all levels within the company, and especially advertising and marketing promotions to spread word about the products or services that the company provides. As a merchant cash advance lender, MCA Solutions is able to provide capital to fund these important expenses, and the means to pay the loans off flexibly at the company’s own pace.

As a merchant cash advance lender, MCA Solutions promises, as well as delivers on security, flexibility, and efficiency with their loans. The businesses MCA Solutions invests in are able to flourish and find exponential growth faster and more efficiently than companies with no access to capital.

Finances can be one of the most difficult aspects of a new or expanding business to manage, especially with the rhythm of cash flow being off put due to rapidly changing expenses and complicated loans. MCA Solutions has anticipated the possible obstacles, and with theirmerchant cash advancethey subvert the common difficulties businesses typically face, making it one of the most highly trusted new companies in the industry.

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