Dare to dream with My Fantasy Co lashes

A Beauty Company that inspires and makes their women look stunning

May 21, 2018 – In this recent age and time, a lot of women secretly suffer from inferiority complex in silence. What we fail to realize, is that this should not be happening. Every person, especially every woman is worth more than their best thoughts! Faced with stress or one million dollars, you should always look good, and feel even better.

My Fantasy Co., a beauty lifestyle brand who specializes in being your right-hand man. A company that gives confidence to all women by helping turn their beauty fantasies into reality. They are a company that propels all the abilities of the woman outwards as she starts to do and purchases her beauty products to make her feel even more of a superwoman.

Adding to your outer appearance won’t take away the lack of self-esteem that’s tearing away your insides. No matter how many beauty or cosmetic items you purchase, if you don’t feel good about yourself, it will all be for nothing.  Being fed with brands focusing only on physical attributes, this owner has reached her limits. Jacque’ Allen, the founder of My Fantasy Co., The Fantasy Lash. knew once she wiped all her makeup off, her lack of confidence would still show if she didn’t fix the root of the problem first, which is herself.

With a goal of self-improvement and beauty in mind, MY Fantasy Co. was created: A brand that is committed to making a difference.

Those that purchase from My Fantasy Co, and “The Fantasy Lash” will be more than just a customer, they will become family. My Fantasy Co.’s main goal is to shift your mindset and negative thoughts, and to uplift yourself while embracing your inner and outer beauty, a purchase means welcome to the team! One way or another, your belief will start your way to making the first step!

Support the brand, meet like-minded individuals, and become family.

My Fantasy Co. has gone the extra mile to look for manufacturers to produce high-quality lashes to make sure that every order is with love and care. The sister company, “The Fantasy Lash” brands to woman all over the world can. They can draw inspiration from resources ranging from business to personal, including an online magazine to feature new, upcoming, or even inspiring beautiful-souled individuals who deserve a chance.

At My Fantasy Co. and “The Fantasy Lash” beliefs are nothing less than women should look physically good while projecting inner beauty qualities that can’t be replaced. Being a female-owned business has its pros for this brand, while they are equipping their female community with a series of e-books and printed materials for those who want to learn how to become entrepreneurs via Fantasy Life University, an online resource on their company website.

From clothing items to false eyelash extensions to personal development materials, all the way down to those who want to learn more about confidence and self-esteem, you will most definitely not want to miss out. My Fantasy Co. and The Fantasy Lash has it covered!

This trendy, fashionable, hip, up to date brand are placing products in stores near you.  My Fantasy Co. products and “The Fantasy Lash” brand is in a beauty supply stores in Texas and Nevada, but they are clamoring to expand Nationwide.

With a love everyone mentality, products from My Fantasy Co. include animal cruelty-free Luxury Mink Lashes, high quality, unprocessed virgin hair, and more. “The Fantasy Lash” false eyelash extensions are open to wholesale accounts and will ship to any location in the US.

They will be relaunching on June 1, 2018, and are looking to pair up and team with talented individuals. My Fantasy Co. are always looking for brand ambassadors, reps, and amazing team associates. Join the Cause.

To get more information, contact Jacque’ Allen at Info@TheJacqueAllen.com, and across all social media accounts @MyFantasyCo.

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