Polish Born Michal Dzitko Records His Live Opera Performance For Upcoming Album Soundscapes Of Color, In Chicago

The latest project by Michal Dzitko titled “Soundscapes of Color” brilliantly blends sound, virtual reality and artistic performance to create a deeper and more immersive experience. He uses the notes played and not played to create a complex musical landscape that takes listeners on a journey that revolves not only around the music, but its artistic interpretation as well.

Born in Lublin, Poland, Michal Dzitko began playing piano at a young age, passionate and dedicated to creating and understanding complex sounds. The music of Dzitko has always been about developing a deeper view on what it means to write and perform music. It was the piano that spoke to him first, fostering what became not so much a life goal, but a purpose. He uses the piano as a tool to glimpse at what is beyond the surface, and connect with listeners. In doing so, he practically creates a tunnel between the conscious and unconscious, to create orchestral arrangements that are heartfelt, poignant and above all else, enjoyable.

In addition to being a highly trained studio musician, Dzitko believes that the next avenue of music is one that will blend virtual reality and technology with age-old conventions. The result of his vision is operatic staging, which uses the idea of remote conducting. In short, the technique involves isolating the conductor and having them conduct to cameras rather than the musicians. The conduction is then broadcast to the members of the orchestra via digital tablets. What this does is allow each musician to view the conductor independently and play in sync, regardless of whether or not they can hear or see each other, allowing viewers to hear the music more uniformly.

This is just one of the ways in which Dzitko is exploring new ways of experimenting with different sounds and techniques in order to give listeners a better experience. Experimentation has always been a part of his music, and his first two albums “Bokeh”, released in 2015 and “Candeo”, released in 2017 both utilize minimalist artistic language. This includes sped up harmonic rhythm, and the idea of spatial harmonies and instrumentals. He does this by focusing on the notes that are not being played, as well as the ones that are. “Soundscapes Of Color” is the perfect blend of these ideas, and a revolution in terms of how music is shared between the creator and the listener.

“Soundscapes Of Color” was recently recorded live in Chicago, USA. For more information on Michal Dzitko and his unique brand of experimental orchestra, check out his website at https://www.michaldzitko.com. You can also listen to his earlier works on the Michal Dzitko official Spotify page. Previous albums “Bokeh” and “Candeo” are currently available on Amazon and other major online music outlets.

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