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Addiction is a lifelong battle for those with this affliction. They can become homeless, jobless, and feel like there is no way to change their situation. Having no hope is a desperate place to be. The great news is that there is hope! With New Beginnings Sober Living, one can not only receive treatment but can have access to sober living homes. These homes will allow anyone to work their way back into society as new person with a new outlook.

What are Sober Living Homes?

Sober living homes are a community of homes where those who have been in a drug rehab facility can continue to work on their sobriety while beginning to reintegrate into society. They are a place where transition can happen. Without sober living homes, recovering addicts will most likely go back to the familiar and chances of relapses are greatly increased.

Purpose of Sober Living Homes

The main purpose of sober living homes is to help recovering addicts integrate back into society. This can be very hard as most of them have no jobs and maybe no family to go back to. They have to learn to support themselves and resist the temptations that will inevitably arise.

After spending time in a drug and/or alcohol rehab facility, it is hard to just walk out of the doors and go back home. The rehabilitation facilities across the country are very strict with lots of regulations. A person will need to have a place to step down to. A sober living home provides structure with the implementation of curfews and random drug tests, along with weekly chores to be completed. Most likely, the occupants will have to pay rent, which gives them a need to get a job.

Benefits of Sober Living Homes

Sober living homes are an excellent way to help those struggling with addiction to have a higher chance of succeeding in society. Oftentimes these men may have no family to go back to or no friends who can support them. With sober living homes, they are surrounded by others who are dealing with the same issues they are. They can relate to each other. These friendships can be the saving grace of a lifetime. These homes are the answer to beginning a new life with lots of happiness to look forward to.

New Beginnings Sober Living is a private residential living facility for men. At New Beginnings, patients will find a client-centered approach with both one-on-one and group therapy. They also teach relapse prevention and life skills. The mission of New Beginnings is to transition clients back in society to ultimately live fulfilling and rewarding lives.

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