5th Generation Peer to Peer Blockchain Crypto currency Transactions with Wizbl.io

May 21st, 2018- Making Transactions with cryptocurrency just got easier with wizbl.io, which offers a decentralized ledger verification and speedy method of operation to its users.

In the history of ledger distribution, wizbl.io is tested to have stood out positively from the rest especially because of its concise peer to peer method. It allows architects the leverage to create their own designs by simply programming with the use of Blockchains transaction records, decentralized application (DAPP), smart contract, scalability and all other algorithms available to Bitcoin and Ethereum. Its verification algorithms are efficient in the distribution of data traffic, contains preloaded, autonomously evolvable human-like Al program, which allows freedom from data responsibility and improves real-time processing.

wizbl.io  test net will be ready by the end of May, and is set to start its sale of token to the general public on the 15th of June, 2018, its going to be a worldwide launch, acceptable currencies will include ETH, BTC, and BCH, Hard cap of 48 MM USD, number of tokens generated 500,000,000 WBL, token exchange rate 1 WBL=1 USD, number of tokens for sale is 150,000,000 (30% of total).

Here are some major features you should know about wizbl.io;

  • WIZBL Token- this is a native cryptocurrency feature that allows token holders make use of the distributed application on the platform.
  • REALTime Processing Using Wallet- this makes use of an individual wallet feature to enable peer to peer transaction regardless of the occurrence of an endpoint to endpoint transaction.
  • TRANSACTION SCALABILITY– because of the unavailability of data responsibility, it is therefore impossible to compare the scalability of the platform through the network. The gap between human and technology is narrowed quickly by the preloaded AI and thus increases the possibility of being the promising alternative to the future generation.
  • Transaction Speed– due to the elimination of data concentration on the central server, the transaction processes and elimination speed is optimized by wizbl.io so that blocks can be generated at every 1-3 seconds. It also cuts on CPU energy consumption while maximizing security efforts to protect asset and value across the blockchain.

In order not to miss out on this effortless cryptocurrency package, hurry and visit the website wizbl.io to play and register for public sale. You can also download the WIZBL app on your android play store. For more information concerning this press release, contact

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