Radim Kacer Selling New Wallpapers For Phones and 5K Screens

Abstract Art Layouts Add a Dynamic Touch

Zizkova, Czech Republic – May 21, 2018 – Wallpapers are often an extension of one’s character when it comes to what people can do when customizing their mobile devices. Radim Kacer knows that people want only the best wallpapers for their phones. With this in mind, Radim Kacer is producing attractive Abstract wallpapers for screens. These include wallpapers for private phones and even ones for larger 5K monitors that may be displayed in public.

Wallpapers are being produced for display on mobile devices now. Radim Kacer is also planning to make wallpapers for phone cases to create a more unique appearance on any device. The dramatic features that come with what Radim Kacer produces make the work among the most intriguing designs that people can find on today’s market.

The key point of Kacer’s work is to extend the wallpaper world beyond the fashion level. Each wallpaper produced has its own name, logo and label. Wallpapers can be made for various phones. Some can be produced for 5K monitors.

The technology used by Kacer entails a distinct technology called OrganikPixel. The system produces fractal patterns for ultra-high definition screens. Each pattern includes a unique series of curves and pointed accents to produce a memorable look. The abstract designs produce a dynamic appearance for any mobile device to show off. The layouts look great on 5K monitors as well.

All designs come in various colors. People can choose to get designs in bright or dark tones depending on their preferences. The support offered by Kacer for producing memorable and special images make the work offered something people are bound to be interested in.

The designs are also available with affordable prices. People can go to the Radim Kacer website to find which wallpapers are available and to select what devices or screens they want to get their designs added onto. The layouts produced work for all major smartphone styles and for iPad tablets. The 5K monitor choices available are also affordable.

Clients interested in ordering artwork from Radim Kacer for wallpaper needs can visit radimkacer.com for more information. The site has previews of what Kacer has to offer and examples of some of Kacer’s past projects.

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