Shihang Becomes the Copper Nickel Pipe Supplier for Top 500 Brand Companies

“Shihang copper nickel pipes”

Shanghai, China – May 22, 2018 – Shihang today marked another milestone for being the main supplier of CuNi 90/10 & CuNi 70/30 pipes for top 500 brand companies in Asia and Europe. These are corrosion resistance copper nickel pipes, with copper and nickel as the main alloying elements, with a balanced chemical composition of other metal elements.

shihang cuni pipes

Shihang copper nickel pipes also come with other accessories such as copper nickel flanges and copper nickel fittings. They conform to high quality standards and performance in the marine and offshore applications.

“Shihang continues to be an industry leader in the copper nickel pipes and fittings production,” Kurt Yang, Shihang Export Manager. “We are progressively upgrading our testing labs, furnace and research facilities. And, our top 500 brand companies will now order for the seamless copper nickel pipes with 419 mm outer diameter we recently introduced.”

Shihang copper nickel pipes come in different standard specifications such as DIN 86019, EEMUA 144, ASME B36.19 and MIL-T-16420K. Also, they come in a 6 meter length or less, with the dimensions ½ inches to 24 inches nominal bore (NB) and outer diameter (OD) in distinctive thickness.Depending on the specifications, Shihang copper nickel pipes are seamless for OD 16 to 419mm and welded for OD 457mm or more. Besides, they have beveled or plain ends, with the Cupro Nickel C71500 (70/30) and Cupro Nickel C70600 (90/10) as the main grades.

shihang copper nickel pipesAmong the top 500 brand companies that Shihang supplies with cuni 90/10 pipes include Total, Hyundai, Costa Asia, CSSC, CNOOC, Chinese navy, several ship building companies, offshore mining, and many more. Shihang strives to maintain high quality standards of its copper nickel pipes and fittings and so far, there is no complain from the end users.

As one of the world class suppliers of copper nickel pipes, Shihang produces custom piping systems, depending on customers’ requirements.

About Shihang

Founded in 1996, Shanghai Shihang Copper Nickel Pipe Fitting Co., Ltd. has expanded to be a premier manufacturer and supplier of CuNi 90/10 & CuNi 70/30 pipes, fittings and flanges.

At every stage, Shihang has adopted strict quality control (QC), to ensure all copper nickel pipes conform to the DIN 86019, EEMUA 144, ASME B36.19M and MIL-T-16420K dimensional standards.

Shihang is an ISO 9001:2008 certified copper nickel manufacturer. 

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Contact person: Kurt Yang (Shihang Export Manager)

Phone: +86 – 137 – 6103 – 4866



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