NanoSmart Bulbs Inc doing business as NanoSmart Lights proudly announced its low-cost, energy saving, and rechargeable smart-lighting products for homes, businesses and governments to tackle power failures or blackouts. These products are of three models which are: Grid, solar, and grid & solar rechargeable models. The grid rechargeable models are recharged by grid electricity and will automatically sense power outage and continue to give you light for 3 to 6 hours when there is blackout. On the other hand, the solar charging models are off-grid and are charged when there is sunlight, they automatically turn on in evenings and turns off automatically during the day,  and they can last longer for 3 to 8days after one charge in the sun. The third model can be recharged by both grid electricity or in the sun.

When there is a power outage from the national grids either because of natural such as rain storm or man-made disasters such as broken light pole because car accident, many homes have blackouts, and the conventional light bulbs are not able to help. Hence, there is a need for new lighting technology that either will continue to provide light when there is a power outage from the grid or will provide light without depending on the grid. With these emerging ligting products, you will not be in darkness even when there is a blackout. Also, the products can easily detect electrical wiring problems because they are smart.

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“We will make available to people around the world, inexpensive, high quality, high performance, safe and elegantly designed smart lighting products, which will benefit from built-in intelligence with low-cost advanced technologies including sensors and energy storage devices. The smart lighting products must provide light independently from the national grid and harness energy from the abundance of available natural resources such as the sun to provide the light,” said the spokesperson for Nanosmartlights while talking about the company. “In the short term, we shall develop and supply automated, easy to use, and easy to install emergency and rechargeable smart LED light bulbs, tubes, and solar bulbs. In the medium to long term, we shall develop and supply automated, easy to use, and easy to install emergency and rechargeable off-the grid smart solar lamps that will meet the need of our customers especially inside homes, but only outside of the homes,” he added.

Benefits of the product

  • Can be used indoors and outdoors, also provides normal light when the grid is on
  • Automatically senses power outage and remains on when there is a blackout
  • Automatically dims or turns off when there is no one present in order to save energy
  • Automatically turns on in the evening and automatically turns off in the morning to save labor cost
  • Saves energy and cost

Business opportunity

You can start a profitable business that brings you a lot of money every day. Visit NanoSmart Lights to explore their smart-lighting technology business and the amazing business opportunities. You can choose from the distributorship, dealership, installation services, and manufacturing business. Visit to know more. This opportunity requires no experience, and it is on first come first serve basis in order to sell exclusively in a territory of interest. The company is planning to extend their sales and distribution service not only to various states of the United States, but to all North American, Carribbean, South American and African countries.

If you are interested in becoming a reseller in any of the states or these countries, you are invited to visit for more information.

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