The Film Attollo Heads to International Film Festival Competitions

“Alicia Oberle, writer, producer, and star of Attollo.”
You might take the stairs from now on after watching this group of complete opposites who get stuck in an elevator. Getting in an elevator with a group of strangers will never be the same again.

Salt Lake City, Utah – The indie film Attollo is met with laughs and a cringe or two by all who see it, and is now headed to some international film festivals to compete for awards.

Attollo, which means elevator in Latin, was conceived by writers Alicia Oberle and John Farmer, who is also the director. Oberle stars as Emily Wall, one of the elevator victims, as well as producer.

An elevator grinds to a halt with a group of complete opposites inside. Opposite in age, sex, politics, religion, race and culture, this group was destined for conflict the moment the doors closed. The stress of being trapped quickly escalated as they found that phone calls for help to Smitty (Dave Bresnahan) were met with no concern or sense of urgency. Audiences laugh, but the elevator victims were far from being happy campers.

The talented cast makes the crisis in the elevator all too real, and may even cause viewers to consider the stairs for life from now on. The cast includes Tori May as Sarah, Gany Fernandes as Chad White, Hunter Wilson as Sylvester Al-Habeeb, Ethan Bracken as Lance, and James Martin as James Woodcock.

Filming in the confined space of a real elevator, that actually did get stuck just a few weeks before filming, was no easy task. However, the talented director of photography, Luke Porter, was able to film with creativity that helps the audience feel the emotion and rising stress of the victims trapped and forced to spend an uncomfortable time in a confined space.

The skills of colorist Ryan Humpherys and film editor Lucas Hardy, combined with the sound department of Summer Anderson and Michael Bahnmiller, brought the film to an outstanding quality. This was complimented by the original music compositions of Dallas Crane to complete the film and prepare it to compete at international film festivals.

“The quality of the film cannot be attributed to any one person. Each member of the cast and crew on our team contributed to the end result. We believe we have a great film that will compete favorably with other films throughout the world,” explained Oberle.

Attollo has been entered in the Worldwide Comedy Short Film Festival in London, IndieFlicks International in Manchester, U.K., and Feel the Reel International Film Festival in Glasgow, Scotland. Oberle anticipates entering other film festivals as they become available throughout the year.

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