The May 18th U.S. release of the latest MCU production has caused a sharp increase in Deadpool merchandise demand. Adult males are largely responsible for this abrupt increase in demand. Steven May, Sales Manager at said “Adults love Deadpool. He says and does things that other ‘goody-goody” super heroes don’t say and do. That’s why we’re stocking up on (Deadpool) shotglasses, mugs, and other stuff adult fans will appreciate”. May certainly made a compelling point. Unlike other characters on the Marvel roster, Ryan Reynolds’ character is unquestionably one of a kind. Smashing through the “fourth wall” (talking directly to the audience or camera) is a break from the norm movie watchers find entertaining. His constant joking, although often vulgar, is another thing adults find appealing.

When asked about the demographic of the consumers who have purchased Deadpool 2 merchandise, Steven May replied “men between the ages of 23 years old to 45. They get the t-shirts and mugs and show them off proudly. It’s like they wish they knew him personally, like they’d want to hang out socially with him. Women aged between 23 and 36 are also into him. Maybe because they dig Ryan Reynolds.” 

Both the original film and the sequel carries an R rating for strong violence, obscene language, and nudity. The production is a sequel to the 2016 original, in which the protagonist is a disfigured mercenary and assassin who has super-human capabilities to include a healing factor. He is also somewhat disturbed emotionally and behaviorally, hence the episodes of self-inflicted -mutilation. 

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