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Is the day dragging on whilst it rushes past for friends and colleagues? Not feeling so good?  Friends are outlasting the daily routines needed during the day! Get fit and feel the difference with Strive. Yes, Strive is not just a physiotherapy practice, there are dozens of those, Strive Physiotherapy is an all-in-one physical training clinic built around the need for a certain degree of physical fitness required to achieve these daily tasks.

Why Strive? Due to Strive’s philosophy of listening to the problem areas, specific aches and pains possibly, determining whether the level of required fitness can be achieved, thereafter setting about the task in hand. There are various elements to these tasks. Again, depending upon the level of physical fitness required and the muscles needed to perform these tasks, acupuncture may well be a good start. The body runs on electricity and uses neural canals to make sure all the body elements receive proper nerve flow. Nerves need to be flowing correctly in order for the muscles and joints to get good blood flow. Without a good blood flow, the muscles will not operate correctly no matter how hard you push them. This just makes one tired which is 80% of the problem.

Needles (acupuncture) placed in specific areas will assist the nerves to flow although in some cases neuromuscular stimulation may be needed. This treatment which applies tiny impulses of electrical voltage generating some current flow along the neural canal can wake up nerves that need stimulation. Physical manoeuvring of joints and muscles usually goes hand in hand with this treatment. Definitely, coupled to this treatment also is an exercise program and it is essential that it be followed.

Taping Occasionally, one sees sports persons wearing adhesive tapes in some areas of the body such as near or around muscle areas. This taping procedure assists the muscles by increasing the blood flow thus making them work better. Strive has a very good track record in achieving control of the muscles by this method. 

Spinal Correction The main neural canal which runs down the spine, feeds the lower portion of the body however, it there is a partial “blockage” in this canal, it maybe be compression due to bone growth into the canal stopping the nerves from flowing correctly. Squeezing the nerve path may be a better description. If this is the case, then surgery is required and Strive will most certainly recommend that you see a neurosurgeon who can remove this nerve ‘trap’ by removing the boney growth and allowing the nerves to flow properly again. After such surgery which has a today is performed regularly (lumbar laminectomy) there are certain physiotherapy treatments needed and which assist one to recovery completely (termed post-op).

Strive has the knowledge to perform these procedures. It is not simply a case of better nerve flow now the spinal ‘blockage’ has been removed, the nerves, call them new nerves, need to be trained to flow correctly again and therefore physiotherapy is required and may possible involve acupuncture also. After a lumbar laminectomy it will take approximately six months to rehabilitate the nerves and get the blood flowing into those muscles which were not working correctly. In fact, it is essential to have physiotherapy after such an operation and there is no-one better to advise you than Strive’s team.

Make an appointment with Strive for an accurate assessment of your condition and outshine work colleagues once again. You can contact Strive by looking on the internet at where you will be able to setup an appointment.

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