We all know that the creation of crypto-currencies (Bitcoin in the first place) was made with the idea of offering privacy and safety in transactions. But it’s also known that the Satoshi protocol opened infinite possibilities which quickly started diversifying and shifting away fromthe  primary ideology.

Blockchain technology, and crypto-currencies have become mainstream, banks and regulators are now the new trolls chanting MOON, and HODL. A complete paradigm shift from Bitcoin’s inception has begun. What once was adversarial, has now become the champion of Wall Street. We felt the need to hit the reset button, and come back to satoshi’s doctrine. The First step, distribute  open source code free from ICO’s, Pre-Sales, and Pre-Mines.

If it’s not broken, don’t fix it. The Quantis Network offers a service that has no other interest than following Satoshi’s guidelines and protocol. Removing watchful 3rd parties from your daily communications and transactions, while securing a trustable token for those value privacy and discretion. Actually, the motto on this initiative is “a new cryptocurrency focused on the rarity of privacy”.

Quantis perspective towards cryptocurrency

Unlike most cryptocurrencies that have been launched after Bitcoin’s success, Quantis has no lucrative interests. This means that there’s no initial investment in anyone’s behalf; it’s by and for the users.

Actually, there will be no pre-mining process to access to this token. Even though there was a testnet where 1055 coins were mined to try the blockchain and the pools, both the blockchain and the Pre ANN will be reset for the official launch.

This way, Quantis proclaims the equality of opportunity to all its users and no hidden interests or projects to fund. The idea is not to save or change the world with this initiative, but to simplySatoshi’s vision.

Pre-launching Quantis specs

  • Total Supply:  15,000,000 Quans
  • Symbol: Quan
  • Algorithm: SCRYPT
  • Block Time: 55 seconds
  • Block Size: 25mb
  • Block Difficulty: 5 Blocks
  • Block Maturity: 50 Blocks
  • PoW Block Reward:
  • Block 0-50 = 5 QUAN
  • Block 51-555 = 1055 QUAN
  • Block 556-1555= 55 QUAN
  • Block 1556-Halving every 500,000 blocks= 5 QUAN
  • PoS Reward: 5 QUAN 60% to masternodes, 40% QUAN to Staking
  • Masternodes Collateral: 5000
  • Masternode enable at block: 1000
  • PoS Minimum Age: 24 hour
  • PoS Max age: No Max age

What’s the Quantis promise?

As we mentioned before, the promise is to rescue the original purpose of Cryptocurrencies and honoring the Satoshi protocol. This means that there’s no ICO or pre-mine,  only direct mining.

Also, Quantisallows users to perform p2p Intranet File Sharing, Anonymous Transaction, Decentralized Tools, and Applications all self-sufficient and sustainable. The original fund was 500k Quans completely dedicated to the free, public mining.

As the project is still in progress, the idea is that developers create the app store and therefore the users start developing apps. Also, the use of Instant tx, masternodes, Decentralized tools, intranet filesharing, and decentralized Applications give Quantis the basics for a secure a viable platform to communicate and transact without intermediaries.

How does Quantis work?

Quantis activated pools and opened them freely for anyone who wanted to mine the cryptocurrency after the official launching. The idea is to build a community based on trust and privacy.

  • Private functioning: Quantis works with more than simply commercial transactions as it offers an elaborate cryptography that allows users to transact, communicate and share all kinds of data in a secure and private way. No further interests.
  • Decentralized: Quantis is open source code, so everybody can mine it freely without any central authority that issues or controls it.
  • Innovative: unlike other cryptocurrencies that have focused their blockchain efforts into diversifying its uses for third purposes (some of them very honest, others not so much), Quantis have made significant steps for improving security and privacy to the users by removing the middlemen and focusing only in this interest. (Quantis is not collecting funds for any other inititative).
  • Cyrptocurrency partnership with Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Quantis official launching

With no pre-mine or ICO, the official launching of this cryptocurrency happened last april’s 25th and it’s now available for mining. In only a few hours the mining process was already burning. Wallets in windows, linux, Github Mac OCX and Android and more than 5 active pools, the community has positively responded to the project.

More than 80 Masternodes have already locked more than half of the cryptocurrency. Users can download a masternode guide that allows an easy and quick start for anyone wanting to mine. Listed below are the exchanges you can now purchase QUAN from.

Quan is now listed on these exchange below:

Bitebtca mid tier exchange


Qtrade a new beta exchange


Quantis is now growing successfully and hopefully, this project will enhance and change the way anonymous transactions work today and will give autonomy to all online users.

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Contact Person: Dick Johnson, Developer
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Country: United States
Website: www.quantis.network