Photographer’s Arsenal proudly announced the launch of its weather forecast app for photographers. The fotocast app is mainly designed for photographers to make their job easier. Also, the app works well for outdoor videographers in performing their task. With Fotocast, you can easily configure custom weather notifications for any weather condition either for a location or multiple locations. Do you want to know when there is fog at night so you can go out and get some creative shot or you want to see when the cloud condition is favorable to take your photograph, look no further because fotocast is your best choice.

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“There are a lot of great weather apps out there for smartphones and tablets, but our mission is to create a weather app designed just for outdoor photographers, with features that are important and useful to photographers that other weather apps lack,” said the spokesperson for Photographer’s Arsenal while talking about the app. “you can Program your upcoming photo sessions into Fotocast, and get notified when rain or heavy winds are in the forecast for that location, date, and time. Weather forecasts can change. Never worry about having to check the weather in the weeks and days leading up to your scheduled photo sessions again, because with fotocast we have you covered. Also, if you are an extreme weather photographer and want to know when there is a torrential downpour, with our app, you can easily do that,” he added.

Fotocast is simply the best, with fotocast; you can easily plan an afternoon photo session with your clients that have picked their location for sunset photos. Now, with fotocast, you can easily determine what direction the sun will be setting. Furthermore, the app allows you to see the direction the sun or moon will be for any location.

Fotoscore™ feature of the app

Fotoscore™ is an on-screen scoring system that tells you when weather conditions are perfect (or not so perfect) to take photos outdoors for your photographer type. The scoring system goes from 0 to 10, where 10 means perfect conditions outside, and 0 are the worst conditions possible. The feature contains more than 5,000 photographers of various specialties to understand when weather conditions are most favorable to shoot in. With Fotoscore™ you no longer have to look at the complete weather forecast to know if you should head outside and take photos or not.

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