Anyone Can Get Involved in AirP2P By Trading their Computing Power for Tokens

Gamers struggling to keep up with the latest hardware to rejoice because it seems like there is a new way to play games right on the horizon. Being developed by AirP2P, this new system will allow people to connect to an online platform through the internet and gain the power to access superior computers.

They will also be launching their own crypto-currency, which will be entering its ICO stage starting June 3rd. To open up options for individuals who are interested in their platform, they are offering a number of different ways one can use to get involved in the project.

They will be organizing an Airdrop on their website prior to the ICO stage, which will offer up to Almost $132,000 Worth of P2P. However, that is not all. One can even contribute their computing power, and in return, they can earn tokens.  This entire platform is dedicated and marketed towards gamers, and thus, giving the option to get involved using just one’s PC is a great foundation to get assistance from all across the world.

The founders of the project, Kristinn Spence, and Sigurdur Benediktsson, believe that opening up options for a number of people will be the best way to expand their company. Additionally, they explained that they had students and gaming enthusiasts all around the globe who cannot afford to have expensive computers. With the use of blockchain technology, everyone can not only access superior computers through their own computers but also contribute computing power and get involved in the project first-hand.

Their website is expected to launch on May 18th, which is just tomorrow. Interestingly enough, the ICO collected 500K in Pre-ICO just from private investors.

About AirP2P

AirP2P is an Iceland based start-up, a brainchild of Kristinn Spence and Sigurdur Benediktsson. Sigurdur is the CEO of the company while Kristinn is the Project Manager. Both happen to have good knowledge of Blockchain Platform and crypto-currency ICO.

The company has created a token anchored based on Blockchain technology. The website of the company will go live on May 18, 2018. The website has a beautiful landing page displaying the countdown of the launch of the website. The ICO (Initial Coin Offering) is scheduled for June 3, 2018.

The students and gamers all over the world are eagerly waiting for the launch of the website and following ICO that is going to reveal one of the most exciting launches of its time.

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