Tomoloo 2wheels electric scooter H3 will be sold on Amazon soon

Tomoloo is always constantly exploring innovation, three – wheel electric skateboard dragon knight H3 is a new innovation we make for skateboarders around the world, which come out with a lot of attention.

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Its subversive structure design and innovative steering mechanism function will be a completely new experience.

The TOMOLOO design team drew inspiration from the nordic mythical dragon Night Frey. The body was integrated into the dragon’s design concept, full of vitality and the beauty of being smart. We have applied for appearance patents in many countries including the United States, the European Union, and China.

The skateboards use TOMOOLO’s global core innovation technology – steering mechanism technology, which realize turning radius less than 2 meters and flexible steering control. The steering mechanism also has the function of shock absorption, which makes the skateboard more resistant to obstacles. Tires are solid rubber tires with good anti-skid and wear resistance, to make the ride experience always comfortable.

More humanized designs and details in TOMOLOO, An intelligent digital display is installed, and the driving speed, power, driving gear, and accumulated mileage are clear at a glance.

Replaceable battery design to provide more long-range power for outdoor use. Foldable pull rod and selected TPU material to make travel more convenient. The body is also equipped with a USB interface to charge the remote control or mobile phone outdoors.

Turn on the cell bluetooth, you can ride and enjoy great music at the same time.

The controller uses the most advanced electronic stability control system (Electronic Stability Program). This skateboard has reached the unity of people and skateboard at the moment of starting and braking, and it is always in a very stable state.

We offer three gear speeds of 10km/h, 18km/h and 28km/h are set and can be switched freely by hand-held controllers.

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