SMCT – POC, The new way of blockchain in Media & Entertainment Industry

Whether a thing is worth investing depends on whether it possesses potential value yet to be developed, or, in other words, this thing itself has an expected future value. Today, I came to popularize the related knowledge of SMCT, an industry worth looking forward to and having future value.


SMCT is an abbreviation of Smart Multi Chain Technology. As a brand new blockchain technology company, it has strong R&D capabilities in the field of ultra-high performance computing. Integrating the cutting-edge R&D resources with a global perspective, it’s committed to bringing change to the world with technology and using innovation to make a better future. The company stands out in the virtual currency industry by heavily relying on distributed high-performance computing to maintain network security, maintaining a leading global market position in this segmented market with absolute advantages.

SMCT is a public blockchain platform with open source and smart contract capabilities. SMCT was brought into being as a result of the concept digital currency, which means “the next generation of encrypted currency and decentralized application platform.” Its birth has greatly changed the products of the entire encrypted digital currency as well as the blockchain industry, making its historical significance second only to Bitcoin.

Currently, they are designing and creating a brand new digital asset – SMC Token. By creating such an ecosystem, everything in it can work seamlessly. It adopts the ERC20 Token technology similar to Ethereum. It can effectively assist the advancement of the entertainment and other industries, attracting more users and making a profit from the content of the program. The shared benefits are achieved with the innovative combination of digital currency and high-quality cultural content. In addition, standardization is also very beneficial, which means that these assets can be utilized on different platforms and projects. SMC Token, a way of defining the value in the blockchain, is used to demarcate financial or digital assets. On the SMCT, the tokens use the same standard, therefore, the exchange support among tokens becomes much easier.


SMCT is capable of creating any smart contract, including the smart contracts that can represent digital assets. And these digital assets are called SMCT currency. This is similar to the App Store, a platform providing iOS apps. Among which, some will release digital currency in their own games or platforms.

SMCT tokens can represent any physical object with the local currency, such as Digix, or Golem (a local currency used to pay for transactions). In the near future, the SMCT tokens can even be used to represent such financial instruments as stocks and bonds. The properties and functions of each token fully comply with its intended application. Tokens can have a fixed supply and a constant inflation. And their supply can be determined by complex monetary policy. Tokens can be used for diverse purposes, like paying for access to the network or managing a decentralized organization.

What’s special about SMCT is that it adopts POC (the abbreviation of Proof-of-Creation), a so-called mining reward algorithm, which can be used to encourage more people to create “ore” works. Through the application of Ethereum blockchain technology, POC can create a special code to bind each content. In this way, it can be used as a transparent standard to display previously uploaded content, and then highlight the advantages of originality when copying content emerges. The currency will be distributed through “voting” and “like” calculations, and its growth can be stimulated through the bonus system arising from websites, media companies, and creators. The greatest strength of SMCT is that it can support multiple innovation projects at the same time, which will enable SMCT to have higher exposure and more rapid penetration in the market. By creating more demand, a SMCT industry chain will be formed. The digital assets with high value are definitely the one that is expected to bring change to the world.


SMCT is a platform which provides various modules for users’ building and creation. If the building and creation is compared to building a house, SMCT provides modules such as walls, roofs, floors and so on. What users just need to do is to build the house the way one builds blocks.

SMCT has a rare team with craftsmen’s spirit. SMCT itself is in constant optimization, and the SMCT team led by the master of Blockchain has been working to improve the performance deficiencies of the current stage. Although it is very difficult to modify the performance in an existing public chain without choosing a fork, the genius is trying its best to build a more robust network. The SMCT team has repeatedly warned that everyone should be absorbed in improving the deficiencies of the blockchain today, instead of speculating in a chaotic market and hindering the development of technology. It can be seen that the SMCT team, as a supporter of the earliest blockchain technology, is committed to improving the entire blockchain’s underlying technology. This is a very large investment value.


This blockchain technology will be a joint venture with Bread TV from Hong Kong, and will be promoted simultaneously. Recently, Bread TV have successively launched the “Genesis Talent K.O.L Contest” and other programs, including singing, fashion, parent-child, education, child-rearing, tourism, diet programs and so on. This series of programs will stimulate the growth of SMCT while using it, because all transactions will only be traded with the currency. This includes registering the content of the program and voting for shows you like or want to support. In addition, advertisers must also use the currency to buy advertisement if they want to advertise during the show. All these will help to form a currency-consumed area centered on SMCT, which will promote and enhance the potential and market value of the currency.


The “Genesis Talent K.O.L Contest”  sponsored by SMCT and Hong Kong Bread TV is expected to start in August as a grand event in Asia. It will be open to web celebrities from different countries in stages. By the power of fans, Web celebrities can gain the qualification and increase exposure through the platform. In the end, the top 10 selected by professional judges and public reviewers will be contracted to become actors of Hong Kong Bread TV, stepping into the road of superstars and having the opportunity to perform with other singers. Turning Web celebrities into main actors is expected as unlimited business opportunities by Hong Kong Bread TV.


In summary, experts believe that SMCT plays an irreplaceable role in the development of blockchain. Its potential can also be expected by people. For value investing, SMCT is a new trend worth investing in.

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