Haines & Company Announces Partnership with Angstrom Graphics

“We were looking for a true partnership with the vendor to whom we outsource our printed services, and we have that with Angstrom Graphics.”
Two Northeast Ohio businesses are partnering up to improve their customers’ experience. Haines & Company, of Canton, and Angstrom Graphics, of Cuyahoga Heights, will work together to provide a wider range of printing options for Haines’ direct mail customers.

Canton, OH – May 22, 2018 – After conducting an extensive, highly competitive vetting process to find a print vendor that would be able to provide the proper range and quality of services, Haines & Company, Inc. is excited to announce that they will be outsourcing their print production to Angstrom Graphics. This partnership will allow for a greater variety of services in terms of paper size, finish, color, mailing packages, and more.

Ashley Williams, CEO of Haines & Company, is excited about this new venture: “Thus far we’ve had a great relationship with Angstrom Graphics. They’ve been attentive, friendly, and made us feel confident in the services we will be able to provide for our customers. We were looking for a true partnership with the vendor to whom we outsource our printed services, and we have that with Angstrom Graphics.”

As a result of this partnership, orders will be fulfilled more quickly. Angstrom Graphics’ overall automation process is more efficient, especially with a USPS facility in their building that expedites the mailing process. Haines & Company does a lot of work with non-profit organizations, many of which order a high volume of printed materials. They’re especially excited to increase the quality and quantity of services for these businesses. When asked to elaborate, Williams explained, “As an example, we used to seal mail pieces with tabs. Now glue will be used instead, which is more effective and efficient. It’s this kind of attention to detail that makes our partnership with Angstrom Graphics so valuable.”

Another element that Angstrom executes well is variable data. They have more equipment that allows them to produce bigger sheets with more personalization variables. This partnership will help Haines & Company refine their printed materials operations and provide better services, in larger quantities, at a faster rate.

Williams and her team decided to outsource printing so they can focus on what they have always excelled in: data. Haines is best known for their Criss+Cross Directory, and outsourcing print production enables them to narrow their focus and work toward providing more unique, data driven services.

About Haines & Company

Haines & Company was founded by William L. Haines in 1929 in Canton, Ohio. By 1938, Haines would devote its full attention to expanding the reach of its Criss+Cross Directory product, which is still available today via web, print, and CD.

Haines & Company established the Americalist division in 1970 to deliver one-stop, full-service direct mail services in-house, including business and consumer lists, graphic design, printing, lettershop and database maintenance. Haines Direct also includes a nonprofit fundraising division, which conducts complete direct mail appeals for healthcare causes, universities, animal welfare groups, youth organizations, hospital foundations, rescue missions, food pantries and others.

Founded in 1993, Haines Local Search (formerly Haines Publishing) is the phone book/digital marketing division, publishing phone directories throughout Ohio and New York.

For more information visit https://www.haines.com/.

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