Creative Biolabs Announced Custom Antibody & Hybridoma Services for Researchers

May 21st, 2018, Creative Biolabs officially announced hybridoma services and its custom antibody service are now ready to be launched into the market for lab use. As an excellent supplier and manufacturer of all kinds of antibody products, Creative Biolabs has released a series of products, such as epitope-specific antibody products in March. This development of custom antibody & hybridoma services will be another revolution in antibody market.

It is known that hybridoma is a technology to form hybrid cell lines by fusing a specific antibody-producing B cell with a myeloma cell which is selected for its ability to grow in tissue culture and for an absence of antibody chain synthesis. Additionally, hybridoma technology is also applied to produce large numbers of identical antibodies which is also called monoclonal antibodies. The service of custom antibody is also an unparalleled in its service items.

” As for this update, Creative Biolabs is able to offer customers a full range of services in custom polyclonal and monoclonal antibody production, as well as the preparation of mono-specific polyclonal antibodies. What’s more, with the help of professional scientists and advanced platform, Creative Biolabs can produce monoclonal antibodies within 70 days to save more time for researchers.” Said Dr. Monika Müller, scientific officer of Creative Biolabs.

“With the standard operating procedures, scientists from Creative Biolabs can selectively identify antibodies binding not only to immunogens but also to the corresponding target antigens in ELISA, Western blotting, Immuno-precipitation and so on. And whatever hybridoma generation or hybridomas antibodies,  customers can get them from this custom antibody service.” Added by a scientist from the department of R&D in Creative Biolabs.

Features of the Services:

• Specialty in generating IHC-specific antibodies

• Monoclonal antibody production in 70 Days

• Expertise in antigen impurity and insufficiency

• Industry-scale antibody production

• The industry’s lowest price

About Creative Biolabs:

Specializing in providing custom biotechnology and pharmaceutical services, Creative Biolabs is qualified to be a trusted supplier and manufacturer. Due to the high-quality and cost-effective items, it is a minor celebrity in many pharmaceutical industries and academic fields.

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