Westport Big & Tall Expands Omni-Channel Strategy by Focusing on M-Commerce

In the last few decades, most successful retailers in the developed world have integrated e-commerce into their business models by creating an online storefront. As technology progressed, handheld mobile devices became capable of performing tasks that years ago, only large desktop computers could handle. The obvious benefit to this was that mobile devices were small enough to carry in a handbag or pocket, and be taken anywhere. It’s no surprise that in a few years after the e-commerce boom, mobile commerce became an integral part of the omni-channel retail experience.

As an omni-channel retailer, Westport Big & Tall strives to provide a consistent and seamless customer experience throughout all of its key touchpoints. It is one of the few remaining menswear retailers that regularly produces and sends print catalogs to its customers, which feature Westport’s entire fashion collection for the season. As soon as they receive a catalog, customers can call and place orders through Westport’s customer service line. Alternatively, they can view and purchase the merchandise they see in the catalog on Westport’s website, along with dozens of online-exclusive items as well.

To further enrich the customer experience and expand their omni-channel presence, Westport Big & Tall adapted their website for mobile devices. Many consumers today are gravitating towards m-commerce for its convenience and simplicity, and like other retailers currently leveraging m-commerce, Westport is seeing impressive revenue growth from mobile and tablet users.

One of the greatest benefits of online shopping is its convenience, and m-commerce takes this one step further by allowing a customer to theoretically make a purchase anywhere – as long of there is either a Wi-Fi connection or cellular data reception. But because of the nature of mobile devices, their small size, and the way they are used, effective mobile websites have to provide features and layouts that take those properties into account.

A senior web marketing manager at Westport explains that compared to Westport’s regular website, Westport’s mobile site features a cleaner shopping page layout and a simpler navigation structure. This helps speed up page loading and processing times on mobile devices, which may be using a more inconsistent cellular or Wi-Fi signal depending on where the user is located. The end-goal is to provide a smooth browsing experience in as many situations as possible, even if signal strength is less than ideal.

Westport’s mobile site also includes some unique features, such as larger touchpoints on the site’s tabs and buttons. Since users are selecting through menus using their fingers instead of a mouse cursor, this feature attempts to minimize mis-clicks, and general frustration. And to make things even easier, there are two buttons on the top menu that once clicked, will either take the user directly to their cart, or call Westport’s customer service line.

Westport Big & Tall works to provide high-caliber, stylistically relevant, and aesthetically appealing menswear to big and tall customers with discerning tastes. The Summer 2018 Collection is now available on Westport Big & Tall’s website. Also visit Westport’s Facebook page, Youtube channel, and Instagram for exclusive content and behind-the-scenes footage, or read the Westport Big & Tall Blog for specialized knowledge and articles pertaining directly to dressing the big and tall gentleman.

by Stephan Belov

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