Contact Lens Market to be more than USD 13 Billion by 2024

“Global Contact Lens Market will cross USD 13 Billion by 2024.”
A new report compiled by Renub Research titled “Contact Lens Market, Global Forecast by Segments (Corrective Lens, Cosmetic & Lifestyle oriented Lens, Others) Materials (Silicone hydrogel Soft Contact Lens, Methacrylate hydrogel Soft Contact Lens, Gas-Permeable Contact Lens, Others) Design (Multifocal, Spherical, Toric, Others ) Region (North America, Europe, Asia-Pacifics, Row) Companies (Alcon Laboratories, Inc., Cooper Vision, etc)” studies the Global Contact Lens.

Contact lenses market has sustained to record strong market growth in 2017, due to rise in number of patients suffering from refractive errors, increasing choices for aesthetic solutions for correcting types of myopia, growing popularity such products among urban consumers, rising aging populace and changing lifestyle. Global Contact Lens Market is projected to be more than USD 13 Billion by the end of year 2024.


Corrective Contact Lens has Highest Market Share

Corrective Lens: In order to improve the vision of the eye corrective contact lenses is worn. It corrects refractive errors like presbyopia, astigmatism, hypermetropia and myopia.

Cosmetic & LifeStyle Oriented Lens: These lenses are used for the enhancement of the beauty of the wearer. The purpose of these lenses is to change the eye color.


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Types of Contact Lenses present in the Market

Silicone Hydrogel Contact Lenses: They are sophisticated specially designed soft lenses. Their primary function is to allow up to five times more oxygen to pass through the lens to the cornea of the eye compared to standard soft lenses. This is an ideal contact lenses for those people who uses lenses for a longer duration of time or who work under difficult circumstances that intensify the eye.

Gas Permeable Contact Lenses: These lenses are rigid lenses which are made of tough plastic that allows oxygen. These lenses were first introduced in 1970. They present outstanding eye health: since they don’t hold water like soft lenses do, they resist deposits and compared to soft contacts lenses they are less likely to harbor bacteria. These lenses are easy to handle and they last longer than soft lenses.



Advantages of Silicone Hydrogel Lenses over Gas Permeable Contact Lenses

• Longer duration of wear (few times it can extend up to six straight nights and days )
• Uninterrupted Continuous wear (few times it can be wear up to thirty days before replacement )
• Better performance and more comfort

Contact Lenses comes in different Designs

Spherical Contact Lenses: These lenses are used by patients who suffer from myopia (nearsightedness) or hyperopia (farsightedness). These lenses have same lens power throughout the entire optical part of the lens.

Toric Contact Lens: Most of these lenses are soft contact lenses with different powers in different meridians of the lens to rectify astigmatism, nearsightedness or farsightedness. Toric contact lenses are mostly made of conventional hydrogel material or silicone hydrogel.


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What is the Right Age to wear Contact Lenses?

When children become a teenager generally then a parent allows them to wear contact lenses. This is a general conception but according to experts there is no age to wear contact lenses. Physically, even young children can wear contact lenses, but the problem is handling the eye care in a responsible manner.

As per various eye care experts children who starts wearing contact lenses between the ages of 11 to 14 are more likely to learn the skills require putting and removing contact lenses with ease. Adults who try using contacts at later stage in life can also learn, but they take more time in wearing contact lenses and may also not enjoy the uniqueness of contact lenses as teenagers.


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Key Topics Covered

1. Executive Summary

2. Global Contact Lens Market & Volume Analysis

2.1 Global Contact Lens Market
2.2 Global Contact Lens Volume

3. Market Share – Global Contact Lens (2012 – 2024)

3.1 Segments
3.2 Material
3.3 Design
3.4 Region

4. Volume Share – Regions Contact Lens (2012 – 2024)

5. Region – Global Contact Lens Market (2012 – 2024)

5.1 North America
5.2 Europe
5.3 Asia-Pacifics
5.4 Rest of the World (ROW)

6. Region (Volume) – Global Contact Lens Market (2012 – 2024)

6.1 North America
6.2 Europe
6.3 Asia-Pacific
6.4 Rest of the World (ROW)

7. Segments – Global Contact Lens Market (2012 – 2024)

7.1 Corrective Lens
7.2 Cosmetic & LifeStyle Oriented Lens
7.3 Others

8. Materials – Global Contact Lens Market (2012 – 2024)

8.1 Silicone Hydrogel Soft Contact Lens
8.2 Methacrylate Hydrogel Soft Contact Lens
8.3 Gas- Permeable Rigid Contact Lens
8.4 Others

9. Design – Global Contact Lens Market (2012 – 2024)

9.1 Spherical
9.2 Toric Contact Lens
9.3 Multifocal Contact Lens
9.4 Others

10. Alcon Laboratories, Inc. – Company Analysis

10.1 Company Overview
10.2 Mergers/ Acquisitions
10.3 Strategy
10.4 Company Sales

11. Cooper Vision, Inc.- Company Analysis

11.1 Company Overview
11.2 Merger/Acquisitions
11.3 Strategy
11.4 Company Sales

12. Valeant Pharmaceuticals International, Inc. – Company Analysis

12.1 Company Overview
12.2 Merger/ Acquisitions
12.3 Strategy
12.4 Company Sales

13. Johnson & Johnson Services, Inc.- Company Analysis

13.1 Company Overview
13.2 Merger/Acquisition
13.3 Strategy
13.4 Company Sales

14. Growth Drivers (Due to data confidentiality, growth drivers have not been disclosed in this table of contents)

14.1 Point NO.1
14.2 Point No.2
14.3 Point No.3

15. Challenges (Due to data confidentiality, challenges have not been disclosed in this table of contents)

15.1 Point No.1
15.2 Point No.2





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