Funeral Expense Plan Changing the Rules of the Industry

Cutting the ties to old Fashioned Funeral Plan Designs

Clovis, California – May 22, 2018 – Pamana Funeral Expense Plans a 2 year old company, amassing clients, is changing the standards that define a traditional industry by introducing a hybrid solution to take care of funeral expenses.  This change is creating a major swell in participation among baby boomers, before pricing changes for new enrollees.

Beginning with a distribution strategy in mind, the company offers to individuals, groups and associations, the opportunity to prefund funeral and related expenses, with a guaranteed enrollment regardless of health conditions, with no geographical restriction on usability, and lowest in the nation pricing:

  • As a company with new and fresh ideas, Pamana has made preneed planning relevant once again.  Their plans can be purchased for a client to use their benefits around, the world.  Due to the plans not having cash value outside of being used for services, they have no impact on Medicaid eligibility, relieving a major concern for low income retirees.  Pamana’s plans include benefits ranging from $25,000 down to $5,000.
  • The company has experienced strong initial enrollments from year 1 to date, especially from the baby boomer market.  This group, similar to their predecessors, recognize the value of taking action, while the getting’s good, with this unique hybrid, compared to restricted, inflexible and outdated plans currently being offered by funeral homes and independent salespeople.
  • Pamana is E-enrolling, another industry change, and allowing for Employers and Associations or other groups to take advantage of preferred pricing after certain group size.  Through payroll deduction, and list billing options, 2018 enrollment projections are expected to exceed 2000%
  • Pamana has created a sincere, real option and win-win scenario for all enrollees.  Enrollees with medical issues are guaranteed enrollment, regardless of health. Child coverage is available as well. The Pamana Funeral Plan can be used to pay for services anywhere in the world. Paying for funeral, cremation, transportation, and any other funeral related expense.  As well as any leftover funds being able to be used to pay unsecure debt, final medical and/or probate or legal expenses, making this plan a must have for final expense planning.

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