Unified Society introduces USX, the next generation of blockchain technology

Unified Society is introducing a revolutionary new blockchain technology called “Cross Chain Technology” that will unify blockchains like never before. The creation of the Unified Exchange will allow traders to work together using a social platform to exchange information and resources. Unified Society is here to bring the cryptocurrency industry closer together with cross-chain transactions and contracts. These systems add an additional layer of security by reducing or eliminating man in the middle type attacks on files and documents transfers.

The Cross-Chain platform is backed by the Unified Society cryptocurrency USDEX ($USX) that will serve as the main currency for all of the projects Unified Society creates. This new era of unified blockchains will help in unifying the world through its parent and child chains such as UEX, which will further allow the industry to expand through a unified tree of blockchains. The team behind USX is currently in the process of creating a cryptocurrency network using this cross chain technology.

Cross chain technology will build a centralized system of interconnected networks which will allow anyone to deploy smart contracts securely with the cryptocurrency of their choice. This blockchain follows the atomic swap process by which a platform utilized by the USDEX ($USX) coin enables the user to trade coins without converting them to a common currency like Bitcoin.

The Unified Society Ecosystem is also comprised of The Unified Exchange that comes with powerful features that allow users to trade effectively on the platform. The integrated social system enables traders to communicate with each other, improve their trading power, improve their social reach, and sharing real-time trades with followers. The exchange platform is backed by 24/7 support staff that provide the ability to the traders to submit tickets or talk to a live support anytime.

The Unified Exchange also enables traders to create custom applications to improve their trading reach and power. The integrated ranking system will help skilled and productive traders on the platform stand out in the crowd and earn rewards in UEX for their contribution. Another feature of the exchange platform includes the option to create custom charts and sharing them using TradingView™ integration. The addition of group chats and private channels for the trader’s rank will minimize spam and coin shilling. These skilled traders can monetize their knowledge further by gaining subscribers and selling subscriptions for advanced trades and chart analytics. More information about the Unified Exchange can be found at their official website.

Unified Exchange: https://unifiedex.com/

Unified Society: https://unifiedsociety.org

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