Jolt, the brand new one time use charger can give a charging boost to the smartphone in case of emergencies

Jolt is the recently launched emergency charging device that can be used to charge the mobile device at up to 20% of its battery life. It’s a one-time use, compact sized charging device that can be highly useful and come in handy in situations when the user has completely run out of their mobile battery and they need to accomplish an important task on their mobile phone. It is designed to have 3 years of shelf life and comes in waterproof packaging to be used in all kinds of circumstances such as hunting, camping, hiking, fishing, working out and more. The device is available for both Apple iPhone/iPad/iPod (lightning USB) as well as Android (Micro USB) devices.

Most of the people come across such circumstances when they run out of their mobile device battery and have to send an important e-mail, send an urgent message to a friend or call 9-1-1 for help. The Jolt charging device can come in handy in such situations when there are no other traditional charging sources available. The user can simply plug in this device to their device and get a charging boost almost instantly. After using, the device can simply be disposed of. This device can come to a life-saver when the user is stranded because of drained phone battery.

Being compact in size, the device can be kept all the time in purse or pockets so that the user can use their mobile devices without the worries of running out of battery. The device is available in the pack of three and more so that the user can store one in the glove box of their car, one in purse and the other one in the disaster readiness kit at home. Within a short period of its launch, the product has received hundreds of orders and many good reviews from its users. More information about Jolt and purchase order can be found at

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