Mortgage Calculator app receives great reviews on Google Play and App Store

Mortgage calculator for iPhone is a multi-functional financial app available for both Android and iOS users that has received great reviews from the users. The app enables the user to work out every aspect of their home loan in an easy and efficient manner. Since the time of its launch, it has received over 100,000 installs from the smartphone users, many of whom found it highly useful in providing valuable information related to their mortgage or home loan. One of the users on Google Play says in their review, “The perfect app! This app has helped me quickly when sitting with buyers and in a pinch over financing. This program graphs and calculates exactly the way a real estate agent needs!”

Another user on App Store mentions, “I’ve never had opportunity using such as well put together mortgage calculator as this one that gives you instant calculations. As you’re changing the parameters you don’t have to type them and wait for the calculation because it’s instant so you can adjust on the fly which saves so much time. Best app I’ve used so far!”. Mortgage Calculator app calculates payments based on the cost of the house, initial down payment, mortgage rate and length of the agreement. 

Apart from the above, the app can also calculate property insurances, taxes, private mortgage insurance (PMI) and HOA fees. Using this app, the user can get the accurate figure of how much money they will have to pay each month as well as the remaining balance after every year. It enables the user to have a clear-cut idea about their mortgage instead of being lured by attractive looking numbers that come with hidden costs and extras.

Mortgage Calculator app can also be used for calculating payments for other types of financial agreements such as car loans, credit card payments, insurances, educational loans and more. The user can save loans to their favorites for a quick snapshot of all their regular outgoings. The app features a user-friendly interface along with interactive sliders and large keypad for simple and accurate data entry. The animated graphs option enables the user to watch their balance in a more interactive way.

Mortgage Calculator app saves the user all the hassle of going through vague promises of the mortgage lenders and being confused by the industry jargons. It enables the user to calculate a number of things related to their mortgage loan so that they can make an informed decision.

The app is available for free download at both Google Play and App Store

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