Kaching Fund, the first blockchain based Index Fund Services marketplace, driven by Artificial Intelligence is now live

Kaching Fund is the first-ever blockchain and Cryptocurrency based index fund services marketplace that uses the power of Artifical Intelligence to deliver the best results to its members. It is now live and open for members who can choose from different investment packages, starting from an investment amount of as low as $100. What makes it different from other similar platforms in the market is that Kaching Fund’s ecosystem is built to bring value to the fund. It is backed by a team of expert professionals and automated products that continuously work towards providing the best results for the investors.

Kaching Fund has already established its reach to several countries worldwide with more than 100,000,000 investors around the globe. Millions of dollars are already invested in different platforms of the whole ecosystem with an estimated 20 trillion-dollar market size of investment instruments. While financial freedom is one of the most important things a person needs in their life but often the investors and traders end up making desperate and emotional choices to achieve that. They lose their hard-earned money in order to get ahead in life. Considering the same situation, Kaching Fund has developed their platform, using blockchain to ring transparency and efficiency in the way index funds work.

Unlike the centralized institutions with hidden agendas, ineffective process and manipulation of third parties, Kaching Fund is completely decentralized which forms a transparent network for the people to diversify investment and secure their financial freedom. Furthermore, the use of artificial intelligence makes it more efficient and effective in its functioning. There is no middlemen or third-party involvement here, which means there will be lower transaction costs and the profits earned by the investors will not be compromised by anyone.

The Capping fees for Zero ID’s is $1000 and the investment can be made in multiples of $10. The minimum withdrawal amount is $10 with withdrawal fees of 15% while the minimum transfer amount is $5 with a transfer fee of 1%. The investors can choose from the three investment packages namely, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. The investment in Silver package range from $100-$9999, in the gold package it is $10000-$49999 and in the platinum package, it is $50000-Unlimited.

More information about the packages and Kaching Fund can be found at kachingfund.com

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