Anders Nells Tells A Moral Bedtime Story About A Boy and His New Family of Monsters in His Very First Book Titled Little Monster Mark

Norwegian author Anders Nells drops an amazing, motivating, and moral picture bedtime storybook titled Little Monster Mark. The book is an engaging, easy to read, and educational book for kids that aims at helping youngsters manage their bad behaviors.

Going beyond entertainment, stories can be the best companion to prepare your kids for a brilliant and colorful future. Little Monster Mark is a book your children will love; with a wonderful and enlightening moral about helping them manage their bad behaviors. This monster-filled children’s book tells a story about a boy named Mark, who is a prankster and troublemaker: a real little monster. He does not appreciate his parents’ love and care and even wants them to disappear completely. But when this finally does happen, Mark wakes up with an entirely different family: a family of monsters!

Readers of all ages will enjoy this incredible monster book for kids, which covers an interesting story that helps children care about their toys and teaches them to help adults and not to be lazy.

Most storybooks though enjoyable are not educational, but Little Monster Mark truly is both, and you will be hard-pressed to let it go from your shelves and thoughts. This book is one that will not only make your children laugh, but it will teach a valuable moral story.

Little Monster Mark has a good ending as indeed any bedtime story for kids should have. The vocabulary is age appropriate and the words are one’s children will be comfortable using. It concentrates on the problem of childish egoism and educates the reader and listener on the eternal value ​of love for one’s neighbor and own family. The concept of the book is truly lovely and the absolutely gorgeous illustrations make reading it an exciting experience (for moms and grandmas, too).

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