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“Door Stop?? Why yes it is buy not your traditional door stop for sure!!”
StoppClipp® It’s time to eliminate this nasty scenario once and for all with the StoppClipp®, Made in the USA.Our clip-on door stops can easily fasten onto any part of the door without any tools required. They’re infinitely more durable & reliable than current long-standing solutions – and can be 100% baby-proof while removing choking hazards and/or acting as a pinch guard to prevent little ones from smashing their fingers.

No Tools or Fasteners Required! Just Clip it on and you are done!

Our product is the solution out of the norm for the following issues:

1) Broken or failed door stop. No time to fix and the door knob eventually punctures the wall. 2 seconds to clip the StoppClipp® and you are done!

2) Protecting furniture between the door and the wall. You select your point of impact to protect the dresser, table or whatever piece of furniture is in between the door and the wall.

3) Use it in odd situations where your door opens to an area that has no spot/base board to put a door stop. (examples; pantry door opening to an oven or cabinets; restroom door opening to a shower door or cabinets)

4) KID SAFETY – PINCH GUARD When reversed and clipped on the opening side of the door it turns into a pinch guard and keeps the door from closing for:

a. Kids, prevents them from smashing their hands or locking themselves in rooms

b. Pets who need to get through doors that close on their own for food and water or to go to the restroom. Also to prevent pets from locking themselves in rooms.

c. The elderly, if an elderly person needs a door or doors to stay slightly open to get through. (some elders cannot grip and turn door knobs)

d. Janitorial crews, to prevent lock-ins if doors close on their own while working

5) KID SAFETY – REDUCES CHOKING HAZARD – Clip it up high to keep it out of reach from kids and pets. Out of reach reduces the choke hazard from the loose grommet that standard door stops have and are fastened at the base board. Keeps pets from damaging working door stops they cannot reach.

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