Endangeredanimals.co donates 10% of its profit to the World Wildlife Fund by selling clothing, home decor and accessories that reflect their love for animals

Endangeredanimals.co, as the name suggests, is a website dedicated to spreading awareness about the endangered species of animals that sells a wide range of clothing, accessories as well as home & living products and gives 10% of all the profit derived from the sales to World Wildlife Fund. All the products featured on the website are designed to reflect the love for animals, specifically the endangered species like Pandas and Elephants. The customers can find clothing for men, women, and kids along with mugs, bags, towels, phone cases, pillows, posters and more, all of them printed with the pictures of the vulnerable, endangered and critically endangered animals.

By purchasing products from the website, anyone can contribute towards the cause of saving the endangered animals. The founder of this website has had a successful career in media before dedicating his life to the endangered animals and his e-commerce store. He lives in London with his 3 kids, all of whom are big animal lovers like him as well as his dogs, Barney and Bertie. His decision to establish the store began with the realization that there are thousands of endangered species in the world, who are a risk of becoming extinct from this Earth, if proper conservation measures are taken to protect them.

Some of the animals that have already become extinct are Atlas Bear, Dodo bird, Bali Tiger and Elephant bird among others. Species like Mountain Gorilla, Javan Rhino, Mediterranean Monk Seal, Sumatran Orangutan etc. are classified as critically endangered, while species such as Northern White Rhinoceros, Hawaiian Crow, and Scimitar Oryx are extinct in the wild and can only be found in conservation areas and zoos. Most of the factors contributing to this scenario are created by the humans only, that includes hunting, destruction of their habitat, climate change and a decrease in their food supply. Some scientists believe global warming could also be one of the reasons for this.

While there are many organizations working towards protecting the endangered animals, one of the major ones is World IUCN International Union for Conservation of Nature), that currently constitutes over 11,000 volunteers, scientists, and other experts. They also have over 1,200 government and non-government members.

Endangeredanimals.co is taking a small but significant step towards protecting the endangered species of this world. In the near future, they’re planning to come up with a wider range of products, featuring more animals that need to be saved.

More information about the organization can be found at www.endangeredanimals.co.

In case of any queries, drop a message to david@endangeredanimals.co.

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