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For the everyday Joe who is constantly on the go, cooking a healthy meal is the last thing that comes to mind. Why would eating healthy be on the mind of the average busybody who more than likely will dedicate 8-10 hours a day on their occupation? After the duties of a job are fulfilled, other responsibilities may take priority over eating healthy, like keeping the lights on, putting gas in the car, doing taxes, etc. These daily trials can make eating healthy food a trivial matter. Most people will go with the quick and easy option which is to grab something to eat at the drive-by. Why? Simply because it is much easier to buy something on the go than it is to cook a healthy meal at home.


The fast food industry has effectively outsourced the kitchen to the common fast-paced, always on the go, hustle and bustle of the big city 9-5er. Fortunately, the kitchen is making a comeback. Online meal plan companies like the Healthee Kitchen located in Ontario, Canada gives that 9-5er a chance to have a healthy home-cooked meal at the speed of a drive through. To put it frankly this company brings the kitchen to the customer. Abnewswire writes “Stop wasting time at the grocery store!”

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What makes Healthee Kitchen so unique is that they don’t just deliver food. Healthee Kitchen delivers a lifestyle starting with healthy eating. As their slogan goes quoting Hippocrates You are what you eat,” Healthee Kitchen believes that statement wholeheartedly. That statement is ever present in the mind of every chef creating the meal plans associated with Healthee Kitchen. This company has configured a staff of professionals that will sit down and calculate the calories needed for the customer to reach their highest physical potential using food. Weny News writes “You can receive three meals and two snacks to your door every day to help you keep the scale and your favourite outfit happy.”


The great thing about Healthee Kitchen meal plans is that the food is actually good. Foods such as a steak wrap for lunch and sea bass for dinner made with the freshest and highest-quality ingredients can be served to the customer’s door every day for free. Right now there are a number of specials available, all happening during the month of May:


  • Lunch and Dinner combos offered at $25 a meal every 2nd week in the month of May
  • Lunch and Dinner combos offered at $175 for one weeks’ worth of food every 2nd week in May.


About Company:


Healthee Kitchen is an online food service company located in Ontario, Canada. How it works is the customer can call or go to the company website and choose a meal plan that fits their health needs. Once the meal plan is chosen and the customer pays, three solid meals and a snack are delivered to the customer the very next day. Healthee Kitchen’s number-one goal is to make Canada healthy again, one meal at a time. 

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