Wire Strippers With Crimper By Cheers Electronic Ensures Easy And Quick Electrical Work

To ensure safe and convenient experience while stripping electrical wires, Cheers Electronic Co. Ltd has launched its new range of wire strippers with crimper that come with exclusive design and high performance. What is unique about these wire strippers is that they also function as wire crimp connectors, allowing users to use these devices for multifunctional purposes. The durability and quality of these wire strippers are unquestionably high, and users can maximize from the different functions that these devices have to offer.

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Innovative Technology For A Better Today:

China based Cheers Electronic Technical Co. Ltd has been providing a wide range of wiring equipment (harnessing) for the past 30 years. The company is also backed by a reliable and informative Research and Development department that ensures high functionality of equipment manufactured at Cheers Electronic. Over the years, the company has become a leading manufacturer of wire harnessing products and machines that can be used to fulfill domestic and industrial purposes. Cheers Electronic products are used in various fields including home appliances, medical instrument manufacturing, toy manufacturing and automotive electric industry among others.

The biggest priority of the company is to ensure safety of users, which is why all its machines and products are designed to offer complete safety while in use. Apart from the latest wire crimp connectors, the company also offers wire peeling machines, wire cutting machines (digital), tube cutting machines (digital), terminal crimping machine (fully automatic), wire coiling machines, etc.

Cheers Electronic remains committed to offering efficient and stable wiring harness products and machines for domestic as well as industrial purposes, which is why the company prioritizes high quality, best service and innovative development. For all these reasons, Cheers Electronic has earned a reputation for providing highly reliable and highly efficient wire harnessing products across the world.

Wire Strippers With Crimper- Features And Specifications:

This exclusive wire stripper crimper device model is named as TFP-1.5SC, and it comes with the following intriguing features and specifications.

Intriguing Features:

The wire stripper with crimper features SCA made applicator (special), which enhances its performance in processing wires with size AWG 36 or even more

The device is compact and precise structure (mechanical) that adds to its accuracy and stability in performance


Can process wires sized between AWG 18 to AWG 36 or 0.05 to 0.85 mm2

Wires that are applicable for use- AVS, AV, AVSS, KV, CAVUS, IV, UL and KIV

Crimping Force – 1.5T

Stroke – 30mm

Stripping Length ranges between 1.0 and 7.0mm

Power required to use this device- 220V-240V (AC) and 50/60Hz

Air source- 0.3 to 0.4mpa

Dimensions include- 530 mm X 400 mm X 830 mm

It weighs 85 kg

One can also visit the official website of Cheers Electronic to watch a working video of this product.

Wire stripping or crimping can be a tedious and risky affair, but with incredible wire stripper by Cheers Electronic, one can safely and efficiently undertake these tasks without any worries. These wire strippers with crimpers not only make it easy to strip or crimp electrical wires effortlessly, but also safely and in a risk-free manner. Cheers Electronic has once again contributed towards a better today by introducing its wire crimper connectors to the world.

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